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The Swiss Family Robinson



           The Swiss Family Robinson is a classic fiction book written by Johann Wyss. This story takes place on a South Pacific island in the early 1800?s. This book is about a Christian family who becomes shipwrecked and learns how to survive on a deserted island to their advantage.

            The characters in this book are rather different but, they all have something in common. Father is the narrator of the story. He is very smart and wise because whenever his children has a problem he always has the solution. Also, in fearful situations he always stays calm. Mother, like Father, is smart and, she is very kindhearted. Also, when needed, she?s ready to fight for her family?s safety. Fritz, the eldest of the boys, is very strong and loves to hunt and go exploring, but Father always tell him, ?You to often speak harshly to your brothers, although you may not mean to do so.?(5) Unlike Fritz, Earnest is not very active; he would rather read or study. Jack, who wants to be like Fritz, is very arrogant and always wants to be the best. Franz is the baby of the family and is always near his mother?s side although; he?d rather be hunting with his older brothers.

            After being shipwrecked and in the ocean for several days; the Robinsons end up on a deserted island and learn to use it to their advantage. When on the island Father says ?We must not despair, although we seem deserted. See how those on whose skill and good faith we depended have left us cruelly to our fate in the hour of danger. God will never do so. He has not forsaken us, we will trust in Him still. Only let us bestir ourselves, and each cheerily do his best. Who has anything to propose?? On the island they find many different types of plants and animals. They also find tools and they built their first home, Tentholme. Tentholme was just a medium sized tent to protect them from the harsh island weather. But, after being attacked by a pack of jackals, Father, Fritz, and Jack set out to find a new home. After exploring for a day, they come across some huge trees. This was were their new home was going to be. They would call their new home Falconhurst. This new home was basically a tree house with two walls and a straw roof, but this didn?t help them during the cold winter nights. A few winters later, the family was looking for new winter quarters. While exploring, Father and the boys come across a cave, and they start digging into it. They soon find out that the cave is hollow and father said, ?We?re in a grotto of diamonds ? a vast cave of glittering crystals.? What they come to find out is that the cave if diamonds is actually a salt cave. After building a few rooms in their house named Rockburg, they need to find a new place for their animals. So, Father sets out and makes a plantation for their overgrowing animals.

            Ten years later life has been going on normally.  Fritz, the eldest son, goes on an expedition. While on this expedition Fritz comes across a strange bird with a note around its neck. The note said, ?Save the unfortunate Englishwomen from the smoking rock.? (410) After not coming home for a week; Fritz returns with a man named Edward Montrose. Fritz that night tells his father that Edward is actually Jenny Montrose, a girl. After hearing the news, Father has Mother sew Jenny some appropriate clothes. A few weeks later a ship landed on the island coast. The ship turns out to be an English ship. After making a hard decision that night they decided that Fritz and Jenny would go back to England to get married and Fritz would accompany them on their trip to England to further his education.
           I like this book because it was interesting to read about all the different animals and how the family survived on the island. What I learned from this book is the importance of your family, and how the Robinson family stood together no matter what.

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...The SwissFamilyRobinson by Johann Wyss The SwissFamilyRobinson by Johann Wyss is a story about a family who are shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. The ship was being tossed by angry waves. The whole crew and captain had deserted their ship only to perish to the sea. The only ones remaining on board was the Robinsonfamily. When the storm was over, they discussed about how to get to shore. After much thinking, they built a sort of raft big enough for the family of six, taking with them things that could be of use. Once on shore, they began to search for food and made up somewhere to sleep. The next day, Father and the eldest son, Fritz, went into the forest to explore the island further. They found food like sugar cane, potatoes, and figs. Father, Fritz and two other sons, Ernest and Jack, built a sort of tree house for the family to sleep. Father and Fritz went back to the wreck for supplies and took with them all the animals they had left on board. The two dogs, which they named Juno and Turk, would be guard dogs, the cow would be good for milk, the sheep for wool, the donkey for travel and the chickens for eggs. The family soon learned that there were other animals on land for they had to hunt for food. There were penguins, lobsters, oysters, agouti, monkeys, and...

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