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McBride’s last two sections “Full Circle” and “City of God” respectively are about how all of McBride’s claims work together. “Full Circle” brings the entire audience through the article again as McBride summarizes the previous sections. “City of God” is James McBride’s conclusion, he tell his audience where he stands now when it comes to the music of hip-hop. Although McBride organizes his article very well, and executes his project just as well, there are some points in the writing where McBride could have improved. For instance, there is not enough factual or statistical evidence. McBride proves his claims by using anecdotes and other non factual things. If McBride could have found a use for numbers or some other statistic than he would have had a much better article. McBride also tends to jump around a little bit when he is writing. His sections don’t always prove the same claims that he lists in that section. In the essay that you have just read I listed and I critiqued the claims that James McBride made when writing this article, I also displayed and explained why the author organized his article the way that he did. Overall, this article was highly affective, at least on me. Surprisingly enough, although I am not in McBride’s intended audience I am his actual audience, I really enjoyed reading this article by such a renowned author. The argument was affective, obviously improvements can be made, and the author made his argument work very well. To prove that it worked, I moved past my prejudices towards hip-hop and when I got home after reading this article I bought the song “Rappers Delight,” the first hip-hop song aired on the radio. I thought that McBride’s section “The Crossover” was particularly powerful. That section displayed how hip-hop crossed racial and social bounds and it was powerful because of the emotional connection that gave me. Because, even in today’s world when racism has been forced into the

After we watch the video and have a general discussion regarding the history and the context of McBride’s piece, we will continue our work from yesterday.  I will put the digital version of the textbook on the Smartboard today, however, because we will work with two questions  that refer to quotes from other people (these are discussed in this video: hip hop questions mp4.mp4) ; I want to spend the time analyzing the quote in the question first, showing students how important it is to really establish meaning like that before launching into actually answering the question (this is an important step they need to learn for standardized test essay prompts, too).

The group responsible for each question will still take the lead and begin discussion by sharing their responses, but given yesterday’s class, I will expect to be asking some probing questions that get the whole class considering the various ideas McBride carries through the piece, with the primary goal of establishing that there are a couple clear central ideas in this piece, and citing evidence that supports these notions.

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