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No Risk, No Gain is 1990 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Jimmy Heung and Taylor Wong and starring Alan Tam, Andy Lau and Natalis Chan. This film is the second installment of Casino Raiders.


Cheung San-ho forces Ray to Macau to compete with him in gambling and has Ray to go to Macau to wait for his arrival. Coming back from the United States to Hong Kong in search of his cousin, he was swindled by con artists Big Dee and Leslie Mo, whom take his gambling stake and VIP card (an identification given from Cheung to Ray). The two counterfeit Ray's supreme identity (Leslie acts as Ray while Big Dee acts as his bodyguard) to Macau for gambling. Not long later, Ray catches up and catches them, but decided to let Leslie to impersonate him. Unexpectedly, Yeung Sing and Yeung Chun has evil intentions, planning to murder the three of them, and then frame Cheung. When Yeung Sing brings his three henchmen to kill them, Yeung Chun and Cheung arrives and Chun kills Sing. Cheung apologises to Ray for this incident, while Ray suggests Big Dee and Leslie to take part in the gambling competition, which Cheung agrees. During the final round of the competition, due to Cheung and Ray's rivalry for snipe and the clam, it allows Big Dee to get all the spoils of a small card to become the big winner. But after the game, Yeung Chun reveals his true self: he wanted to takes his boss Cheung's spot and hires Big Fool to kill him, but Big Fool did not listen to Chun because he is actually Ray's longtime friend. In the end, Yeung Chun gets his punishment. After that, Ray returns to the United States while Big Dee makes a deal with him that in a year later, he will truly beat Ray again at the gambling table.


  • Alan Tam as Ray
  • Andy Lau as Big Dee
  • Natalis Chan as Leslie Mau / Snake
  • Chen Song-yong as Cheung San-ho
  • Michelle Reis as Winnie
  • May Lo as Jane Tsang
  • Christine Ng as Maureen
  • Shing Fui-On as Big Fool
  • Anthony Wong as Yeung Sing
  • Cutie Mui as Sexy (cameo)
  • Tien Feng as Yeung Chun
  • Gan Tat-wah as Western Boy
  • Benz Kong as Trick gambler in jail
  • San Kuai as one of Sing's men
  • Paul Wong as one of Sing's men
  • Ho Kwok-wah as one of Sing's men
  • Chow Chi-hung as one of Sing's men
  • Ridley Tsui as one of Sing's men
  • Lee Hang as one of Sing's men
  • Wan Seung-lam as one of Sing's men
  • Kong Lung as Sing's bodyguard
  • So Wai-nam as Gangster after Leslie
  • Gan Seung-yuk as Gambler at Gambling competition
  • Law Shu-kei as Gambling competition's emcee
  • Chang Seng-kwong as Fake cop
  • Ernest Mauser as Spectator at gambling competition
  • Fung Man-kwong as one of Ho's men

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Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK$19,078,746 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run form 5 April to 26 April 1990 in Hong Kong

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