Inquisition Trespasser How To Start An Essay

SPOILER WARNING:These diaries will contain spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition (DAI)and its downloadable content (DLC), as well as its predecessors, Dragon Age: Origins (DAO) and Dragon Age II (DA2), and may also contain spoilers from the tie-in materials. If you’re new to this whole Dragon Age business and want to know what the hell I’m going on about, please visit my little Dragon Age Primer to learn a bit more about BioWare’s fantasy roleplaying video game series. Not able to devote the ridiculous amount of time into leading the Inquisition yourself? Then join me on my noble journey!Hot on the heels of their disappointing The Descent DLC, BioWare graced us with the final entry for Dragon Age: Inquisition—Trespasser, which takes place two years after the defeat of Corypheus and mysterious departure of Solas, whom we, the player, now know is the elven god, Fen’Harel, a.k.a the Dread Wolf.

Inquisitor Lavellan with a new haircut, ready to inquisition one last time.

With this DLC comes not only a new adventure, but also all important style options that let you change your character’s casual wear and tint their armour. Along with the previously released Black Emporium DLC that allows you to alter your character’s appearance (she needed a new hair cut and a few battle scars—it’s been two years!) Inquisitor Lerene Lavellan looks fantastic and is ready to take on the Inquisition’s latest threat.

Divine Victoria, formerly the Inquisitor’s spymaster Leliana, has done her best over the years to keep the heat off of the Inquisition, but now the two major factions on the continent of Thedas have demanded an Exalted Council at the Winter Palace. But before we get down to business, there are companions to catch up with. Spending time with companions is one of my favourite pastimes in BioWare games—not just for the romantic options (though in this case, my romance option, Solas, ditched me, and the remaining companions keep asking about him … she’s over that bastard, okay? *sobs quietly*). Each character is unique, and the friendships that can be built up with them are so fun and rewarding. Turns out, during the past two years, Varric has become Viscount of Kirkwall, Cole has found love, Iron Bull and his Chargers are still causing shit and taking names, Sera is causing even more shit, Dorian is a magister, Cassandra remains a loyal and true friend, Cullen found a puppy and longs to visit home, Josephine has been holding the Inquisition together, Blackwall survived the Grey Warden ritual and is now official, Leliana misses just being Leliana, and Vivienne is still as fabulous as ever.

After a good half an hour spent with old friends, it’s finally time to get down to business and get this dreaded Exalted Council underway. Ferelden and Orlais want the Inquisition gone. This is a reasonable request since the point of an Inquisition is to do what it set out to do, then disband. Lerenne defeated Corypheus and has spent the last two years cleaning up all the remaining rifts in the veil, closing off the demon and spirit realm of the Fade from the real world. Dialogue options allow for an Inquisitor who isn’t afraid to remind everyone of the magical, military, and political power she wields, but that isn’t Lerenne’s way. In fact, she is not at all opposed to disbanding the Inquisition, but she sure doesn’t appreciate Arl Teagan of Ferelden (where the hell is King Alistair?) and Orlais’ ambassador being such ungrateful assholes about it. Lerenne keeps her game face on and is mostly polite, until a message from the Divine herself causes her to walk out of the meeting, much to the further annoyance of the ruling parties.

The Exalted Council

On the down low, Divine Victoria — who has not given up her spymaster ways and probably hides a few daggers under those robes — reveals that a dead Qunari soldier has shown up here at the Winter Palace and asks Lerenne to investigate. The trail of blood leads to an Eluvian, one of the ancient elven mirrors that work as travel conduits. Following the path leads to an ancient elven ruin guarded by spirits that seem content to let Lerenne pass when she speaks to them in the elven tongue. One even tags along to help in the ensuing skirmishes. This is the beginning of a two-part mystery: (A) What are the Qunari up to? and (B) What are the texts and wall murals trying to tell us about the missing elven gods and the Dread Wolf who betrayed them?

Eluvians and ancient elven ruins
Dead Qunari

Passing through the topsy turviness of the Eluvians and reporting back to Divine Victoria reveals that a group of Qunari, led by the Viddasala, are planning an invasion, but their efforts have been harried by an “agent of Fen’Harel.” The Qunari are a powerful sect that, through Iron Bull, had already expressed their intention to intervene with the troubled southern continent if we couldn’t get our shit together. Apparently, two whole years later, they’ve decided to finally step in (even though all the rifts are closed and shit is pretty much together, despite the bickering between Orlais and Ferelden). [pullquote]“As does a drowning man know the sea, so does a mage know magic” ―Qunari saying[/pullquote]The Qunari abhor magic and those who use it without understanding. They themselves are not opposed to using it, but only under strict, well-researched and controlled circumstances. They boast the most powerful mages, the saarebas, and, we discover, have come to the elven ruins to learn more about ancient elven magic and then use it (instead of their usual practice of neutralizing it) to attack the south’s leadership as part of their “Dragon’s Breath” plan that will bring peace to the continent. They even have spies within the Inquisition, further justifying Ferelden’s and Orlais’ mistrust. But if there’s anyone who can deal with this threat, it’s the Inquisition, so back to work we go. Lerenne really doesn’t have a choice anyway, because the magical anchor in her hand has been acting up. Annoying and painful for Lerenne, but finally useful for me since the Inquisitor can now—finally—use this power to protect her companions, damage enemies, and provide illumination.

We’ve spent the last two Dragon Age games feeling sympathy for downtrodden, displaced,  and enslaved elves who have lost their home, their history, and their immortality all thanks to humans—namely the Tevinter magisters, of which Corypheus was one, and then the Orlesians, as we learned in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. In the Tevinter magisters’ efforts to breach the Fade and reach the Golden City beyond, they ended up unleashing the Blights that periodically wreak havoc across the world. While there are good Tevinter magisters, like our own Dorian Pavus, Tevinter is mostly a place of dangerous blood magic that the Qunari always want to destroy. But, the story that is unraveling as we journey through the ancient elven tomes is that maaaaybe the elves really weren’t so great after all, starting with the elven gods, a.k.a. the evanuris.

As the story goes, the evanuris were betrayed and imprisoned by the Dread Wolf, who is depicted as a dangerous trickster god. But as we’ve seen with other such gods, there’s a more serious story beneath the tricks, starting with the fact that Fen’Harel and all the other gods weren’t actually gods. They were just really powerful, uppity mages who treated the lesser elves like shit, branding them with slave markings. Fen’Harel, a mage himself, disagreed with such practices. He led a rebellion against the evanuris and weakened them all by bringing down the veil between the Fade and the real world—which used to be one—thereby limiting access to magic.

The Dread Wolf, ever watchful

Here’s where I paused to speculate with my equally BioWare and lore obsessed friend who called Solas actually being the Dread Wolf early on in the original game. While Solas lent his aid to the Inquisition, the entire reason Lerenne got the mark in her hand was because he accidentally gave his elven magical ball of destruction to a corrupted Tevinter magister who’d already tried to take over the world once or twice. We’re guessing his whole freeing the slaves, weakening magic, and starting a rebellion left the elves open to the Tevinter Imperium taking over. Whatever the truth, I’m enjoying the opportunity to explore the mess of elven history a bit more thoroughly and hope that the next game grants my wish to really focus on the elves.

Viddasala don’t play that

So what’s all this got to do with the Qunari? Nothing, really, but they are a convenient enemy. Correspondence between Josephine and the Qunari leadership, with confirmation from Iron Bull, indicates that the Viddasala is working as a rogue faction against the orders of the Qun. We’ve already fought a Tevinter cult, now we’ve got rogue Qunari. When all else fails—or when you’re too lazy to write something better—fanatical cults and rogue factions are a nice go-to for enemies. The next section of the game involves fighting the Qunari as we try to stop their “Dragon’s Breath” plan, which turns out to be an actual dragon from which they are using venom to fuel their weapons.

Actual dragon

The battles are challenging, as is this showdown with a very angry dragon who is tired of being abused by the Qunari. There is a choice to put the dragon out of its misery or to free it. Both options are tricky since the dragon isn’t cooperating either way. Upon successfully freeing the dragon (much to Cole’s joy), Lerenne chases the Viddasala through yet another series of Eluvian. The Viddasala admonishes Lerenne for blindly following the agent of Fen’Harel who led them to Skyhold, saved Lerenne when the mark in her hand was killing her, and gave Corypheus the orb that started all this. Lerenne denies being either an agent or puppet of Solas. Pfft. Those were all just coincidences…

The Viddasala is determined to destroy Solas, but Lerenne calls dibs. Unfortunately, her chase is hampered by more Qunari, including a very powerful saarebas, and the mark in her hand which is now doing its best to kill her and her friends. But she needn’t have worried about the Viddasala getting to Solas first. He can handle himself.

So that’s what you took from Flemeth…

When Lerenne sees her long lost lover, she immediately realizes that he is not an agent of Fen’Harel. He is the Dread Wolf himself and he confirms what the ancient texts and elven spirits have been saying. He struck down the elven “gods” by creating the veil and freed the slaves, but his good deed resulted in bad things. It was not their encounters with humans that took away the elves’ immortality; it was Solas. Now he wants to fix his mistake by once again trying to free his people. Only, to do so, he must destroy the world that is now and return the connection to the Fade. This is what he’d intended when he woke from his long sleep a year before the Inquisition began, but he lacked the power. He hoped Corypheus, in his attempt to open the rift in the Fade using Solas’ orb of destruction, would have perished, but that damn magister figured out immortality by way of horcruxes.

So basically, the ruin of the elves was Solas’ fault. The breach in the sky was Solas fault. And now he’s going to destroy the world to fix all these mistakes. This is problematic thinking and, though Lerenne still loves him, she’s ain’t gonna let that fly. At least he looks remorseful when he explains that he has to do this thing. Lerenne has a choice: does she want to fight to stop him, or hope that she can persuade him. She has changed the way he’s viewed mortals and the elves who live now… maybe she can stop him from apocalypsing all over Thedas…

Still love you, but gotta destroy the world, honey

Throwing the book at you

Lerenne’s mark continues to discharge its power, but, with a kiss, Solas takes the pain away. By that, I mean he romantically chops her arm off, apparently, because when next she shows up to deal with the angry Exalted Council, she’s rocking the phantom pain and an empty sleeve. But she’s also very determined about the status of the Inquisition. I began with the intent to disband the Inquisition, but Lerenne reminds them all that this Inquisition was formed to stop the breach and those responsible for it. Solas remains a threat. Lerenne announces that the Inquisition would hence forth be at the command of Divine Victoria. Over the next while, the Inquisition is whittled down to a much more manageable number of trusted people, but Leliana reminds them that Solas knows everything about them. Lerenne says simply that they must find people whom he does not know. This means my Grey Warden, right?

The epilogue speaks of the future of the Inquisition and all of the goings on of Lerenne’s companions, and notes that elves have mysteriously vanished from both the Inquisition ranks, and many of the cities. Hmmm….

Upon completion with Lerenne, I decided to go back and check things out with Mieke, my rogue dwarf, with whom I’d made many different decisions. Most notably, Mieke and Solas were not a romantic item (Mieke dated Blackwall, who has now reverted to his real name, Thom Rainier and is not pretending to be a Grey Warden anymore), but there were other differences that I wanted to see the results of. Cassandra as the new Divine did not disappoint me. While I don’t doubt her success in the role, the former Seeker was definitely itching to ditch the robes and get back into her battle armour. But no matter what she is wearing, Princess Cassandra Pentaghast is utterly adorable and a tried and true friend. Since the Qunari were so involved with this DLC, I decided to take Iron Bull along to see if he could offer greater insight. He assured me that the Viddasala was indeed working against the Qun, as far as he knew, but in this playthrough, Iron Bull is still a Ben-Hassrath spy. He’d always been up front about his role within the Inquisition and as a member of the Qun. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when he turned on me — “No hard feelings, bas.” —  shortly before the dragon battle, but it was no less painful to have to kill one of my favourite companions. Having to face true consequences for the decisions made along the way, while painful, is what makes me really appreciate games like this.

So comes to an end Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is not a long DLC, but it is a reasonably fullfilling one, having answered just enough of the questions raised, while enticing with more, and most importantly, making promises of what’s to come:

Pack your bags! We’re finally going to Tevinter!


'Trespasser' is the final DLC for 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' and brings its tale to a conclusion. At the end of the main game, the Inquisitor was kinda left kicking her heels in Skyhold; 'Trespasser' tells the story of what happened next. It is set two years after the main game and has you attend an Exalted Council chaired by Divine Victoria to decide the future of the Inquisition, since some people are worried about an unaccountable organization with a large private army and several fortresses under its control.

The Council is being held in the Winter Palace which serves as a hub for your adventuring. Of course, trouble is never far away and you soon discover that the qunari have extremely malign intentions towards the south, using the still working Eluvian mirrors to move personnel and materiel into position to decapitate all the governments of Thedas in a single stroke. Frustrating their nefarious plans is an enjoyable process for the most part, although the very last section, a grindfest followed by a cheap boss, is poorly paced. Repeating the final boss fight three times because of a software bug left an extremely bad taste in my mouth.

The recommended minimum starting level is 20. The challenge level is quite high - not as high as 'Jaws Of Hakkon' but much more difficult than the main game. You will be fighting various qunari troop types for the most part and they're all quite tough. Agents begin with some sort of ranged attack (nature unknown) and then close in for melee. Defenders have tower shields that block attacks from the front and tend to use Charging Bull as an opener which can do massive damage. Spearmen are ranged attackers who are even more dangerous in melee, doing AOE damage and breaking your guard. Assassins are sneaky swine who tend to go after the softer characters - your mage and rogue - since they're immune to taunt and other crowd-control techniques; make them priority targets or things can get messy. Shock troopers are powerful two-handed warriors able to close in from huge distances; they can generate guard and smash yours and are generally a lot tougher than their brethren. The saarebas are demi-boss elites. You only have to fight a few, fortunately, but they're exceedingly tough, able to generate barriers, buff their underlings and inflict massive damage on your party. You will gain an ability early in the expansion that provides temporary immunity (and which later starts inflicting massive damage as well). Get accustomed to using it and the harder battles will become somewhat easier.

'Trespasser' is not just an expansion: installing it changes the entire game in many ways. The most obvious change is that all active abilities have a second promotion and you can toggle between them as long as you're not in active combat. The war table becomes much more rewarding since many operations that would previously have barely rewarded you at all now come with quite decent rewards, such as powerful weapons and schematics. Armour gets an additional upgrade slot to hold a sigil, although most of these do far more harm than good. Trials, which handicap you in various ways, have been added to provide additional challenge. They also provide some great rewards. For the most part, I have not documented changes to the main game for the very good reason that I wrote this expansion after finishing it.

The convention in this guide is that ALL CAPS text refers to something unique to the expansion, be it a codex entry or a unique item. There are three trophies to be unlocked by playing the expansion mission. 'Forever Marked' cannot be missed, but the other two most certainly can and 'Lateral Thinker', in particular, is unlikely to unlock without a guide, since it requires going somewhere that you have no reason to go to. That said, following the walkthrough in this guide will unlock all three.

Starting the Expansion

After finishing the main game, a war table operation, ATTEND THE EXALTED COUNCIL, becomes available. It costs 8 power to activate. Be aware that this is an absolute point of no return - you cannot come back to Skyhold or go to any other area on the world map. Confirm your intention to venture forth and the scene switches to the Winter Palace.


The Winter Palace Pt. 1

When the cutscenes and conversation are done, you find yourself in the gardens of the Winter Palace. Take some time to talk to your companions and advisors seeing and explore your surroundings. From your initial position head west underneath the arches and go through a door where you'll end up in a storeroom with an imposing oil painting. Use your sonar to locate an EXPENSIVE DOG TREAT then read THE FIRST GRAND ENCHANTER. Exit and head up the stairs where you can talk to Josephine. You'll find two codex entries on the table nearby: LELIANA AND THE LAST FEW YEARS and JOSEPHINE AND THE LAST FEW YEARS. On the bench you can read COLE AND THE LAST FEW YEARS. At the end of the nearby balcony you can find a CRUMPLED NAPKIN which is junk. When you're done head up the opposite set of stairs and use your sonar to locate another treat. On the same balcony you can read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 10.

Go talk to Varric by the fountains. When you're done head towards the gate. Read the HALF FINISHED POEM on the right-hand drinking fountain and pick up the treat from the stone bench. The GOLD CRAVAT on the left drinking fountain is junk. Go though the gate and you'll spot Blackwall on your left. Read "BLACKWALL" AND THE LAST FEW YEARS on the bench next to him. On a bench along the garden wall nearby, you can read WAGER NOTES.

Head into the merchant's and use your sonar to find a treat on one of the shelves. Take a moment to look at the merchant's wares - she has an infinite supply of all crafting materials and herbs. Tier 4 materials are very keenly priced as well. You can buy Tactician's Renewals at the front desk along with other accessories and rune components. Without giving too much away, a lot of the enemies in the expansion are resistant to fire AND cold so buy a load of Pure Lightning Essences. For laughs, check out the price of THE CLASPING MAW; I don't think we'll be buying too many of those! The foundry next to the merchant has various crafting stations and a table to turn in research. Outside in the bushes you can find A PAIR OF PADDLES which is junk. Head down the steps to the southwest corner where you can pick up another treat from a flowerpot (5/10) and read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 13 lying on a bench. Along the path to the north you can read STORMS OF TEMPTATION. At the top of the path you'll find Cassandra.

Head up the steps and use your sonar to find a treat on a barrel. Head into the building on the left where you'll find potion stations. Read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 17 on the table. Exit to the north and head into the building to the west. Read DORIAN AND THE LAST FEW YEARS on the bench on the left. On the table you'll find CONDUCT BECOMING THE INQUISITION and ACTIVITY IN THE WINTER PALACE. On the other bench is IRON BULL AND THE LAST FEW YEARS. This area is also the location of your wardrobe (or rather chest of drawers) and storage chest. Go into the small building to the north to read VARRIC AND THE LAST FEW YEARS, VIVIENNE AND THE LAST FEW YEARS, CULLEN AND THE LAST FEW YEARS and CASSANDRA AND THE LAST FEW YEARS. Notice the wonky picture on the wall? Straighten it for +2 Strength. Now head up to the trellised area in the north to find a treat in the corner and HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 14 on the drinking fountain. You may see a bottle on top of the trellis; if you can get it, more power to you, but I believe it's just junk.

Head down and into the bar. Straighten the wonky picture. Read SERA'S PAST AND NOW THINGS on the table along with THE GILDED HORN'S DRINK MENU. Talk to Sera and Iron Bull. Go round the back of the bar to find HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 12 leaning against a statue. Cole is standing in front of the bar and is as elliptical as ever.

Head over to the eastern side of the palace gardens. Go to the bottom left to read A REMINDER. Cullen is here playing with a mabari. We'll come back when we've found all the dog treats. Head up to the northern part of the area to find a treat on a sofa. Nearby, you can read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 11. You'll find a SILVER RING by the ornamental fountain in the centre of the area, but it's just junk. Head into the baths. In the northern room you can read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 15 on the table. One of the walls has a crooked picture and you can catch up with Vivienne if you like. In the southern room you'll find a BROKEN MASK leaning against one of the fountains. If you guessed that it was junk, you'd be correct. Go to the north of the baths to find another treat by a sofa. Then head up the stairs to the next level. On the bathhouse roof you can read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 18 and find the final dog treat in a flower pot.

Return to Cullen and place the dog treats in the basket. Each one grants +1 Constitution. For handing in ten, the mabari will go and fetch a unique weapon, the CUDGEL OF THE GOLD-AND-EBON-QUEEN which is able to inflict the Bees! status.

Time to get on with the quest! Go and talk with Arl Teagan and Leliana. In the area where you find the Arl you can read A DISPATCH FROM THE CROWN OF FERELDEN. Your sonar will show that you can loot something, but it's junk again. Before talking with Duke Cyril, you can find Leliana for another conversation. In the area with the Duke, the LACQUERED BOX in the pot is more junk as are the CAPRICE COINS in the fountain. Read the DEDICATION on the fountain for a warm feeling and then read the SCANDALOUS GOSSIP near the Duke. Chat with Dorian for a friendly face and then Duke Cyril. Find Dorian and talk to him for some news. This concludes the optional "catch up with friends" bit.

Before progressing the quest, there's something else you may want to do. While wandering around the gardens you may have seen one or two harlequins who disappear mysteriously in a puff of smoke. If you are able to approach them from behind and interact with them, they are "caught" and you will get +2 Dexterity. To catch them, walk up behind them slowly and then dash at the last moment. If you manage to catch 5, you will get the schematic for Brand, a tier 3 longsword that does staff-levels of elemental damage. If, by this stage, your warriors aren't packing something better you've been playing the game wrong. Anyway, the Harlequin minigame exhausted even my patience. Personally, I'd rather pick up dog treats from flowerpots. For that matter, I'd rather pick up dog mess!

When you're ready, head to the Palace Entrance to begin the Exalted Council. Well, that's Arl Teagan off my Christmas card list! When prompted, go and talk to Leliana concerning the small matter of a dead qunari warrior. Follow the blood trail to the trellis and climb up. Head into the palace through the open window. Loot the safe if you like and then check the two large paintings on the walls. They don't look quite straight so while we're here... After indulging your OC tendencies, follow the blood trail through the door. Loot the sapphires and then head through the Eluvian.

The Crossroads Pt. 1

You'll find yourself in The Crossroads, the place where all Eluvians join. Remember to go into your inventory and put some armour on. Head left until you find a skeleton and take its map. This will unlock a quest back in the Winter Palace. Now head right into the chantry-like building and enter the Eluvian. This takes you to an area called the Abandoned Chateau. To your immediate left read the BOOK OF BUTTERFLIES. On the right you'll find MOONLIGHT ON THE FEAST OF SHADOWS on the table. Read A FADED LETTER on the lectern. An alcove on the right has a loot container. In the top right corner you'll find AN ILLUSTRATED PERIODICAL. Finally, attempt to loot the tempting-looking chest and you'll be attacked by two arcane horrors and two corpse archers. Now you can loot the chest for THE HAND THAT CUTS, part of a set whose acquisition will eventually lead to a trophy as well as conferring bonuses for having the set. You also obtain the NOTES ON METHODS OF ENCHANTMENT codex entry.

Head back to the Crossroads, follow the blood trail to the other active mirror and head through.

Elven Mountain Ruins

You are in an area called the Vine-Covered Tower. Follow the blood up the stairs. You'll find another dead qunari halfway up. The gate to the right is barred. To the left is a doorway blocked by crates which you can break to reveal another Eluvian. Go through and you'll find yourself in a place called the Smoking Tower. Your way is blocked by a barrier of purple flames. These flames will kill you in no time flat so get your mage to cast a barrier on himself and sprint through. Go up the stairs and open the chest at the top for a SUPERB BELT OF THE INFERNO PACT. Go back through the Eluvian, head to the top of the stairs and go around the tower. You'll see a chest behind a flame barrier. Use the barrier trick to obtain a SUPERB BELT OF URGENCY. Follow the blood trail to another Eluvian and head through.

You find yourself in the Bridge area but there's no way across to where you need to go. The only way forward is the Eluvian on your left. You're back at the Smoking Tower. At the top of the stairs you'll encounter a bunch of spirit warriors. If you drank from the Well of Sorrows you'll be allowed to pass - just choose the appropriate conversation option. Otherwise, you'll have to fight the champion and four archers. There's another flame barrier at the bottom of which you can find a corpse to examine, a CRUMPLED NOTE and a chest with a SUPERB BELT OF THE STORM PACT. Your mage will probably need Guardian Spirit to get through this one because it is wider than the previous two.

Go around to the side of the building and examine the mural for WOLF'S WELCOME. The mural then vanishes to reveal another Eluvian. Go through to find yourself in the Silent Tower. Head left and go up and around. At the top is another qunari corpse. Examine the mural for THE PROMISE OF FEN'HAREL. Go through the doorway and down the stairs until you arrive at another mural which you can examine for THE LIES OF THE EVANURIS. Go through the doorway to acquire the Anchor Discharge ability which gives you brief party invulnerability and which also illuminates the surrounding area. Activate it and pick up the wolf statue. Head back outside and down the stairs and go back though the Eluvian. Retrace your steps back to the previous Eluvian to find yourself back at the Bridge. Insert the wolf statue into the pedestal to raise the missing bridge section.

On the other side you'll be attacked by four Ben-Hassrath agents and two qunari defenders. When they're dead, don't go straight into the sanctuary yet. Instead, head right and down, fighting off any assailants who try and stop you. Near the shore, you'll find a corpse with a CHARRED NOTE. This is the first of four clues required for a semi-secret ending and, in truth, is the only missable one if you're a thorough sort of player. Head back up and into the Forgotten Sanctuary which seems to have been turned into a barracks. As you get further in you will find yourself fighting more qunari: three defenders and three spearmen. During this fight, you may find that spirit warriors help fight the qunari. If not, don't you wish you'd drank from the well now? When all enemies are dead, head up the ladder. You'll see a flame barrier blocking the way to a chest. Fortunately, you now have a brief invulnerability ability. The chest contains a SIGIL OF FELANDRIS.

Head up the stairs to where the wolf statue is and read a clue. You can examine the murals here for a comment from your inquisitor. Now you have a little puzzle to solve: you have a number of veilfire torches that could be lit but only one of them is correct. The clue should make it obvious, but if it isn't, the correct one is the second from the left. Now you can press the button between the wolf's feet to reveal a staircase. You can also access the loot container which contains the ARROWWOOD bow. The "piercing arrows" effect is unexplained but it appears to make normal attacks hit twice. Head down the steps and examine the mural for the LIFTING OF THE VALLASLIN. This reveals a hidden armoury with a supply cache. Head down the steps and into the cellar. A sleeping quarters on the left has a chest with valuables. You'll find a whole bunch of enemies ahead: three assassins, two spearmen and an elite shock trooper. Loot the shock trooper to find the SINGLE INCARNATION greataxe and QUNARI ORDERS (PLAN OF ATTACK). In the top right corner of the area you can read NOTE REGARDING THE WOLF STATUE. In the top left of the area you can read AN UNKNOWN AGENT. Head through the Eluvian to find yourself behind the locked gate in the Vine-Covered Tower with a lever that you can pull to open it.

Head back through the Eluvian for a scene with your advisors.

The Winter Palace Pt. 2

Your companions have new conversations and there are new codex entries to be found. The table next to your wardrobe has CONTAINMENT. The foundry has a COOK'S NOTE next to the armour crafting station. The potion room has NOTES ON PALACE GUESTS on some boxes. MISSING SERVANT is on a bench near Cullen. Next to Leliana are some more WAGER NOTES. On a fountain in the southern half of the baths is A RUINED PICNIC.

Before progressing with the plot, there's an unmarked quest to attend to. The picture you obtained from the skeleton shows the location of a halla statuette. Each time you find one, the picture will update to show the location of the next. Go behind the bar. In the corner by the statue is a halla statuette that grants +1 Cunning. Go to the Main Plaza where you'll find the next statuette. You'll find the the third on the roof of the bathhouse - it's on the railings overlooking the interior. Now head up to the top level on the right of the palace entrance. At the top of the stairs you'll find a top hat. Picking it up will grant +1 Cunning and the ENCORE SCHEMATIC. Head down the stairs and under the arches and go through the now-unlocked door. Inside the room read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 16 on a table to your left. Then head through the Eluvian.

The Crossroads Pt. 2

Head to the left of the area where you found the skeleton earlier. Place the top hat on the skull for +6 Cunning. A new path has opened up to progress the quest. Head past the Eluvian to the Elven Mountain Ruins and down to the new one. Don't go through just yet. Instead, head up the rocks to the left and around to the back where you'll find another Eluvian. Head through to find yourself in the Hidden Hollow. Loot the sack at the back of the area and then attempt to loot the tempting-looking chest. This time you will fight two despair demons and one rage demon. Loot the chest for THE EYE THAT WEEPS and an update to NOTES ON METHODS OF ENCHANTMENT. Head back down to the other Eluvian and go through.

The Deep Roads

Almost as soon as you arrive, you will encounter an agent, two spearmen and a shock trooper. There's only one way forward from here. In the chamber beyond read some QUNARI WRITING on a makeshift table and loot the body for 22 x Veil Quartz (if you've not played Jaws Of Hakkon, this is a tier 4 metal). Follow the path down where you'll see a bunch of qunari in the distance. The path ends here so head through the doorway and turn left Head down the stairs where you'll be attacked by seven deepstalkers. After they're defeated, you can find TORN NOTEBOOK IN THE DEEP ROADS, SECTION 1 on a bedroll. Head through the opening that the deepstalkers emerged from where you will encounter a few more. Go across the makeshift walkway and follow your quest marker through an opening in the wall. Speak to Jerran to learn about the leader of the qunari, why they're here and what they're up to. When the conversation is done, you can let him leave. Or not. If you need it, there's a supply cache in Jerran's hideout.

Head through the door to find another mob of deepstalkers, nine in all. Head up the stairs, killing any other deepstalkers you may encounter. Your way ahead is blocked, but the qunari have considerately left a gaatlock bomb that you can detonate to open a path. As you make your way down, look right to see a chamber with a flame barrier blocking the way to a ladder. Just in front of it, read the CHARRED NOTE (secret ending note 2). Turn on invulnerability mode and make your way up the ladder where you'll find a chest with a distinctly underwhelming SIGIL OF THE HIGHLAND RAVAGER. When you exit the chamber you will find a chest near a patch of burning material with a SIGIL OF THE DEEPSTALKER.

The way forward is across a bridge. You will be fighting two agents and two spearmen. You can use fire / lightning attacks to blow up gaatlok barrels to do massive damage to your enemies but be careful that you're not caught up in the blast as well, Be especially careful that you don't detonate one accidentally. When they're defeated, cross the bridge and then head up some steps where you'll find another spearman. Continue to find yourself in Mining and Processing where you will fight another spearman and a defender. You'll see a crane to your left. Shortly after this, hop onto a barrel and then climb onto the wooden structure so you can take the ladder down. At the bottom, you'll face two spearmen and two defenders. When they're defeated you can find a supply cache and read TORN NOTEBOOK IN THE DEEP ROADS, SECTION 2.

Rather than immediately following the quest marker to your left, go up the stairs in front of you and round the rocks to an area with an agent, a defender and a spearman. When they are defeated, go through the wooden structure and up and around to find some rare herbs and read TORN NOTEBOOK IN THE DEEP ROADS, SECTION 3. Return to the Bridge of Stone and go across. At the doorway you'll be met by two spearmen. They'll be joined by a shocktrooper and an assassin. While you're fighting them two spearmen and an elite saarebas will show up. The saarebas is an exceptionally dangerous enemy, best killed from long range if your inquisitor isn't also the party tank. Loot his body for the HEART OF RAGE staff. The nearby chest contains the ARMADA CAPTAIN'S KNIFE. At the back of the area on the right, you can read COMMUNIQUÉ IN THE DEEP ROADS. On the left you'll find a supply cache and a bunch of gaatlok primers which are required to move the quest on. Be aware that dismantling the qunari lyrium mining operation will result in most of the Deep Roads area becoming inaccessible, so take the opportunity to pick up anything you may have missed as you make your way out.

Go back across the bridge. You will be attacked by two agents, an assassin, a spearman and a defender. Go up the stairs to the left and place a primer at the base of the crane and detonate the gaatlok bomb. This will attract the attention of an assassin, an agent and a defender coming from the rocks above. When they're defeated head down and detonate the bombs by the gate. This will bring two agents, a spearman, a defender and an assassin running. Make your way up over the rocks to the ladder you came down earlier and see off the inevitable enemy wave: two agents, two spearmen and a defender. The third target is nearby. Now climb the ladder and make your way to the final target. Detonate the bombs and then make your way out of the area. Two spearmen, an assassin and an agent will try and stop you. Defeat them and head to the quest marker. On the way you'll have to fight two assassins and when you near your target, a couple of spearmen will attack you, On the ground you'll find some ORDERS. Detonate the handy bomb and head through the passage it opens. On your way to the exit you'll find the body of Jerran (assuming you didn't kill him). Take the SUPERB AMULET OF SECOND WIND from his corpse - he won't be needing it anymore. You now have a clear path to the Eluvian and your way out.

Winter Palace Pt. 3

There'll be some minor business that requires your immediate attention - way more important than saving the world, clearly. It turns out that not only are inquisition soldiers being obnoxious, but someone is smuggling gaatlok into the palace. A note given you by the inquisition soldier involved in the fracas gives you your next lead.

You can read BARREL REMOVAL in your quarters. On a planter in the main plaza are more WAGER NOTES. When you're ready, head back to the Crossroads.

The Crossroads Pt. 3

You'll see that a new path has opened up to the right of the Deep Roads Eluvian. Before heading up, go behind the structure and interact with the orange discharge globe. This makes a path appear that you can follow to a new Eluvian. Go through and you will find yourself in an area called The Forgotten Tower. Read the MOLDY JOURNAL. Loot the sack (which gave me the wrong sort of fade-touched silverite; grr!) and then attempt to loot the obvious chest. Fight off the two boss-level revenants to claim your reward: THE BIND THAT GUIDES and an update to NOTES ON METHODS OF ENCHANTMENT.

Head back out and up the new path towards the quest marker. When you get to the platform go behind the structure to find another discharge globe that you can interact with to open another path. Head up and go though the Eluvian to find yourself in the Ancient Jail. There's a sack you can loot and slightly further along you can read a CRUMPLED PAGE. When you attempt to open the chest you will be attacked by a greater terror, two corpses and a corpse archer. One of the corpses is a powerful elite. Inside the chest you'll find THE SKIN THAT STALKS medium armour, schematics for the light / medium / heavy variants and the final update to NOTES ON METHODS OF ENCHANTMENT. This will also grant you the 'Coroner' trophy. Exit and return to the platform and head upwards to find an Eluvian among some bookshelves. Pick up BOOKS IN THE CROSSROADS and MAP OF THE CROSSROADS from the ground and head through the mirror.

The Shattered Library

In the first room, you'll find some reading material: VIR DIRTHARA: SIGNS OF VICTORY on a table near the entrance and VIR DIRTHARA: EXILE OF THE FORBIDDEN ONES and VIR DIRTHARA: HOMECOMING on tables a little further in. Head out and around to the front of the building to read THE VERY PRIVATE DIARY OF SANDAL FEDDEC and find a loot container with a superb corrupting rune and a superb frost rune. There is also a modify weapons bench should you want to fit them right away. As it happens, the corrupting rune is very effective against the qunari enemies that make up the bulk of our foes. Now head deeper into the ruins. You will be addressed by the friendly and helpful spirit of an archivist. Instead of going straight up the steps ahead of you, turn left and walk around to the side where you will find a merchant of sorts.

Go up the stairs to find your way blocked. Interact with the discharge globe to bridge the gap and go across. Turn left and head down to a shattered platform with a working Eluvian. Head through to find yourself in the Courtyard. Around the structure in the centre you'll find two supply caches and can read VIR DIRTHARA: A FLOWERING IMAGE. In a bookshelf on the right you can find VIR DIRTHARA: DUEL OF A HUNDRED YEARS. Next to it is another bookshelf with VIR DIRTHARA: ATTENTIVE LISTENERS. On the left by a chair you can pick up VIR DIRTHARA: BIRDS OF FANCY. There are two Eluvians here: one on the left of the area and one up some stairs to the right. To find a third, head through a gap in the back wall and go down. This one doesn't lead anywhere useful right now.

Head into the left Eluvian to find yourself in an area called the Broken Tower. Examine the body in front of you. There is nothing else on the lower level so scramble up the rubble that the body's leaning on, talk to the archivist spirit at the top and then head through the next Eluvian into the Scholar's Retreat. Follow the path upwards onto a platform with murals. There are some RESEARCH NOTES on a table. The first thing to to is to head down the narrow path where you will find a discharge globe. Activate it to repair a path elsewhere. Return through the Eluvian to the Broken Tower and kill the qunari waiting for you: two assassins, two defenders, an agent and an elite shock trooper. When they're dead, return to the Scholar's Retreat.

In the covered area with the bookshelf, you'll find a veilfire puzzle clue. Now go behind the top wall to find a flame barrier. Once you're through, read THE TREACHERY OF THE WOLF (secret ending note 3) and open the chest for a SIGIL OF LYRIUM. There is another flame barrier in front of you which just takes you back to the main platform. Now there is a little puzzle to solve and it's a frustrating one because it involves members of your party holding their positions which, nine times out of ten, DOES NOT WORK. From where you are, you can climb onto the wall and gain access to an upper level with a statue of the Dread Wolf. Examine the rather sinister little statue near to it. Seems we need some veilfire. Hold your position and switch to another character. Have them go and stand next to the Eluvian back to the Broken Tower and hold their position. Switch back to your main character and have her press the button on the wolf statue. Switch back to the character by the mirror and go though. You should see that the braziers are lit so have your inquisitor light a torch before it goes out. Now return to the Scholar's Retreat, make your way up to the Dread Wolf statue, hold the veilfire torch to the bowl and then open the container between the wolf's paws for the RIME sword. Return to the Broken Tower and then go back through the Eluvian to the Courtyard.

When you get back to the Courtyard you will gain the Anchor Blast ability whereby discharging your Anchor now does heavy damage to nearby enemies. Go up the steps to the other Eluvian which will take you the Sundered Hall. Go through the left archway and examine the body at the end to obtain the FADE-TOUCHED HONEYCOMB, a masterwork material that has a chance of inflicting Bees! on your target. Climb up the wall to the upper level, past the room with the mural. On the top floor you'll find another body to examine and a third spirit to talk to. Head through the Eluvian to reach the Lower Archives. There's nothing on the upper level so go downstairs where you'll find a relatively intact room with some reading material: HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER ??? on the first bookshelf, and VIR DIRTHARA: THE DEEPEST FADE and VIR DIRTHARA: RAISING THE SONALLIUM on the shelves behind. When you're done reading, go round the corner and activate the final discharge globe.

Back in the Sundered Hall, you'll find yourself under assault by two spearmen and four assassins. When they're defeated, return to the Courtyard. Here you'll have to fight four elite librarian spirits which take the form of ethereal fear demons. Like fear demons, they summon loads of fearlings. Unlike fear demons, they can take down both your barrier and your guard leaving you vulnerable to being one-shotted. Leave through the Eluvian and climb up the wall. Your efforts have created a bridge to another Eluvian which leads to a confrontation with the expansion's primary antagonist, Viddasala. After the talking's done, she leaves a mob of enemies behind to put a stop to you: eight agents, an elite spearman, a shock trooper and a saarebas. When they're all dead, loot the DARVAARAD KEYSTONE and the STINKING CHEATER shield from the saarebas's corpse.

In an alcove on the right of the area, you can read THE RISK OF SAAREBAS. Getting up to the nearby platform is a pain. Climb up on the pillar nearby and then take a running leap towards the gap in the railing. It's at the limit of what is possible but can be done. The chest on top contains the SUPERB AMULET OF EVASION. Head over to the other side of the room, picking up a TATTERED NOTE from a table along the way. The chest in the alcove contains a SUPERB AMULET OF CRITICAL CHAIN. Head up the stairs at the end and turn left. You'll find a flame barrier beyond which you'll find a chest with the ELGAR'NAN ENASTE SCHEMATIC. Head up the centre stairs and speak to the spirit who tells you where to go next and raises a path to provide a shortcut. In case you're interested, this is the Eluvian at the bottom of the courtyard area that previously led nowhere. As you leave, you'll notice that the Eluvian that originally took you to the Inverted Ward is now inactive.

Winter Palace Pt. 4

It seems that we have spies in our organization. It is now nighttime and your companions are no longer at their stations. There are a couple of new things to read. You'll find a PAPER DOG near where Varric used to stand. On the steps past the baths you'll find some LICENTIOUS GOSSIP. Near where Arl Teagan was at the start of the expansion, you'll find A LETTER TO ARL TEAGAN. On the table in your quarters you'll find EMERGENCY MEASURES. Head to the south west corner of the gardens where there's a minigame you can play. You have to "activate" the fireworks and then repeatedly "detonate" when the fireworks reach their highest point. You get +1 Magic for a score >= 50. You get more points in magic at higher scores and you can repeatedly try to beat your previous score: 65 points gives you an additional +3 Magic and a SIGIL OF THE GOLEM while 80 nets you an additional +6 Magic and the CHROMATIC GREATSWORD SCHEMATIC. Be aware that once you progress the story, you won't be coming back to the Winter Palace so finish any business that you may have before heading back to the Crossroads.

The Crossroads Pt. 4

There's a little diversion we need to take if we're not to miss a trophy. Head back into the Deep Roads which you will find is now mostly underwater thanks to our earlier vandalism. Go into the first room by the campfire, go down the stairs and then through the door by the water's edge. Ahead of you is a doorway blocked by rubble. Use Anchor Blast to clear it and then head through the Eluvian that is now accessible. You will emerge in the Unknown Ruin. Light a veilfire and head around to read the clue. Examine the back wall for VEILFIRE RUNES IN THE DEEP ROADS. The puzzle requires co-operation between party members, but it's not as bad as the last one. The brazier you need to light is on the back wall and there are a number of raised tiles between the wolf statue and the wall. Have the character with the velifire torch stand on the first tile and hold position. Have another character press the button on the statue which will cause the tiles to rise so that the veilfire brazier can be accessed. When the brazier has been lit, open the container between the wolf's legs for the HEART OF PRIDE staff.

On your way to the Deep Roads Eluvian you may have noticed that the previously non-functioning Eluvian down the slope from the Winter Palace entrance is now active. That is both our next destination and a point of no return. Head through when you're ready.

The Darvaarad

Almost immediately, you'll find yourself in battle with two agents, a defender and a saarebas. Where the saarebas was standing, you'll find ELUVIAN STUDIES. Head across the bridge where you'll be attacked by two agents and a spearman. Go up the stairs and through the archway. A number of enemies guard the gate: three assassins, an agent, two defenders and a shock trooper. Loot the shock trooper's body for the GATEHOUSE KEY and the BELT OF RETALIATION.

Before proceeding, head up the stairs to the Research Tower whose entrance is guarded by a solitary agent. You can acquire a second gatehouse key from a table and read SAARATH on another. Head down to the bottom where you'll find a wolf statue and a veilfire brazier that you should energize. If you don't have a mage, there's a lit brazier at the very start of the area. Now head up to the top of the tower where you'll find a clue and a Golden Nug. Read SCRAP OF WRITING FROM A BEN-HASSRATH AGENT, which is the final note for the secret ending. Light the brazier on the Halla statue and the one on the floor. Head back down to the bottom and open up the container between the wolf's paws, giving you the BLOODY BARGAIN dagger and the 'Lateral Thinker' trophy.

Return to the Courtyard and enter the caged area using the key. Read LOGS OF A DARVAARAD GATEKEEPER. There are three cranks to turn. Turning them will cause a pole that's locking the fortress entrance to retract; continuing to turn it will return the pole to its former position. Turning one crank will also affect the other poles. Turn the right crank first, then the left and finally the middle. This will open up the door into the barracks. There will be an open area to your left, a door in front of you (which leads down to the open area) and one to your right which is locked. The open area has two agents and two spearmen. Two other spearmen will join in shortly. When they're defeated, read WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS FOR NEW WORKERS on the table. In an alcove at the back of the room you can read NOTES FOUND IN THE BARRACKS and open a chest for the STORAGE ROOM KEY and the SUPERB BELT OF THE WINTER PACT. Head back to the entrance and use the storage key to open the locked door, behind which is a chest containing the AMULET OF PHYSICAL IMMUNITY.

Head further into the fortress and fight off two spearmen and a defender. You'll find a crafting station just in front of the door to the Study where you can read LETTERS AND REPLIES on one desk and the DRAGON BREATH PLAN on the desk at the end. Head back into the barracks and down the passageway with the cells. You can pick the lock of one of the cell doors to make a supply cache accessible. Turn left at the bottom of the passage and go through the doors for a cutscene and a scrap against two spearmen, a shock trooper and a pesky saarebas. Two defenders and a spearman will come from a passageway on the left while three assassins and two more spearmen arrive from...somewhere. Also at this time, and depending on how you resolved a certain companion quest in the main game, one of your companions may betray you and attack you. When the fighting is done, read ORDERS POSTED IN THE FACTORY nailed to a wooden structure. Head into the passageway and read the ANIMAL HANDLER'S LOGBOOK on a table. There is a supply cache next to it should you need it.

Head up the stairs to the Venom Extraction Chamber. The beastly qunari have captured a dragon whose venom they are extracting to make the gaatlok. It is in combat with qunari spearmen. There is a way to solve this that does not involve killing the dragon. There's a large gate that can be opened by pulling two levers and two rings of flame jets that are keeping the dragon away from the gate. On the walkway accessible by stairs are wheels that rotate the jets. When you attempt to do this, you'll find that there is a wagon preventing you from doing so. Go down and blow it up with your Anchor Blast ability. You then need to rotate the jets so that they form a semicircle keeping the dragon on the side of the chamber where the gate is. When you've done this, run across the arena and pull the two levers to open the gate fully. Enjoy the scene that follows. Be aware that this is not easy to do since there are about eight spearmen and a dragon trying to kill you while you're trying to figure things out. It took me three goes. Therefore, it is a valid strategy simply to kill everything. If you do end up fighting the dragon, it has standard dragon attacks and a poison breath attack that I didn't find particularly dangerous. Beware of the spearmen who start showing up during the fight since they are actually more dangerous than the dragon.

However you resolve this, you'll get another lecture from Viddasala who lets slip that Solas is the agent of Fen'harel who has been causing so much trouble and who then disappears through an Eluvian. You follow her to some elven ruins. Head up the the pathway. After a short while, your hand will gain the Anchor Meltdown ability which enables you to gain focus faster but will discharge violently when your focus gauge becomes full, which from now on is every couple of minutes or so. This will damage you as well as your enemies so you need to keep an eye on your focus gauge. Keep heading up the path. Eventually, you'll come to a supply cache. A short away ahead you'll find an Eluvian from which emerge two defenders. Kill them and head through.

A short way ahead, you'll be attacked by an agent, two assassins, a spearman and a shock trooper. Head up to the next Eluvian where you'll have to fight two agents and two spearmen. Head through to find yourself immediately in battle with two spearmen and an agent. A defender will run over to join in too. As you cross the bridge more qunari will come out of the Eluvian at then end: four agents, a defender and an assassin. At the end of the bridge is a supply cache. Take it if you need it and head through.

You will emerge in the Shrine of the Dread Wolf. Here you will have your first fight against Saarath, whose name may be familiar from some of the codex entries you've been picking up. He's a bit of a swine, being a boss-level saarebas with a super-damaging leap attack, a massive damage AOE attack, barrier and a bubble that protects him from missile attacks. He also has a bunch of goons (including the obligatory assassin who pops up out of nowhere to murder your mage) and spearmen who will attack from a distance. Concentrate on the grunts first since they will slaughter you if you simply try to take out Saarath. When you've taken his health down to critical, he'll do the usual final-boss-trick of vanishing to fight another day.

Head up the stairs where two agents and a spearman will try and stop you. The next section is a little puzzle. Before you try and solve it, though, you need to kill a whole bunch of qunari - I lost track. Your Anchor Meltdown ability makes short work of the mobs. Now you have to try the various Eluvians until you find one that takes you out of the Courtyard. The one on the raised area with the biggest enemy mob was the one that worked for me. When you're out of there, pick up the supply cache which you'll almost certainly need. Then head down to meet Saarath again. He's a lot easier this time round since he doesn't have a mob of qunari backing him up. He does, however, start summoning demons as the fight progresses. Although he has a nominal 200000 HP, he seems to have around 75% damage resistance so this is one drawn out battle. Note that this fight is horribly glitched whereby Saarath will leap in the air and hang there, unkillable. I had to restart the fight twice. It seems to be a consequence of applying a DOT effect, so you may want to keep your grenades in your pocket. When he reaches 1 HP, he becomes invulnerable and you have to use your Anchor Meltdown ability to finish him off.

When it's over, it's just you. Your party members have turned blue and won't follow you. Head through the final Eluvian. You'll have the pleasure of seeing Solas petrify Viddasala after which you'll be able to get some answers from him. See that conversation option to the upper left? That's a consequence of finding the four notes throughout the expansion. Which means that your inquisitor knows what you, the player, already know and what Solas was about to tell her anyway. Awesome! Anyway, lots of revelations follow. After Solas leaves, you return to the Exalted Council where you must make a decision as to the fate of the Inquisition: disband or serve the Divine. The ending screens are very much dependent on what you did during the game and this expansion. Enjoy!


If you play the main game with Trespasser installed, the expansion adds a number of items and schematics into the game as rewards for completing trials and completing war table operations. These are not documented here since by the time you actually play Trespasser itself, you'll long since have outgrown them.


Amulet of Physical ImmunityImmunity to physical effectsChest in the barracks area of The Darvaraard
Belt of RetaliationReturns damageLoot from a guard in the courtyard of The Darvaraard
The Bind That Guides+10% Critical chanceForgotten Tower
The Eye That Weeps+10% Attack bonusHidden Hollow
The Hand That Cuts+20% Critical damage bonusAbandoned Chateau
Superb Amulet of Critical ChainChance of critical attacks increases until a critical hit is landedChest in the left alcove, Inverted Ward, Shattered Library
Superb Amulet of EvasionChance of avoiding attacksChest on a raised platform, Inverted Ward, Shattered Library
Superb Amulet of Second WindStamina gain after killing an enemyJarren's corpse in the Deep Roads
Superb Belt of the Inferno PactLarge boost to fire magic at the expense of healthChest behind a flame barrier in the Smoking Tower
Superb Belt of the Storm PactLarge boost to lightning magic at the expense of healthChest behind a flame barrier in the Smoking Tower
Superb Belt of the Winter PactLarge boost to cold magic at the expense of healthChest in the barracks, The Darvaarad
Superb Belt of UrgencyLarge attack speed boost when below half healthChest behind a flame barrier in the Vine-Covered Tower

Notes: The ---- That ---- items are part of a set. Having two grants +10% attack speed, three adds +10% movement speed and the armour adds 1% heal on hit.

Weapons and Armour

One-Handed Weapons

Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen149
  • +14% Attack
  • +7% Critical chance
  • +12% Critical damage bonus
  • Chance to inflict Bees! on target
Wrapped One-Handed Haft (+7 Strength)-Winter Palace gardens; give Cullen's mabari ten treats
Rime160 (Cold)
  • +45% Cold resistance
  • +8 Willpower
  • Chance to inflict cold damage in area
--Solve the veilfire puzzle in the Scholar's Retreat, Shattered Library.

Two-Handed Weapons

The Clasping Maw305 AOE
  • +7% Attack
  • +46% Heal on kill
  • +7% Sunder when hit
  • Chance to bind enemy with Evil Eye
N/A-Winter Palace merchant, 166212 gold
Single Incarnation302 AOE
  • +48% Critical chance
  • +12% Critical damage bonus
  • Leaping attack
N/A-Qunari shock trooper, the Forgotten Sanctuary


Armada Captain's Knife123 (AOE)
  • +24% Critical damage bonus
  • +5 Cunning
  • Last attack in the attack chain hits all nearby enemies
--Chest in the Deep Roads, Bridge of Stone section
Bloody Bargain161
  • +17% Heal on kill
  • +5% Stagger on hit
  • Rampage (+10% attack speed and movement; stacks) on kill
--Solve the veilfire puzzle in the Research Tower, The Darvaarad


  • +95% Armour penetration
  • Piercing Arrows
N/A-Solve the veilfire puzzle in the Forgotten Sanctuary


Heart of Pride85 (Electricity)
  • +12% Barrier damage bonus
  • +48 Willpower
  • Permashock (shocks nearby enemies)
  • +50% Electricity resistance
  • +50% Attack speed
N/A-Solve the veilfire puzzle in the Unknown Ruin
Heart of Rage85 (Fire)
  • +41% Attack
  • +14% Critical chance
  • Permaflame (burns nearby enemies)
  • +50% Fire resistance
  • +50% Fire damage bonus
N/A-Looted from the saarebas at the Bridge of Stone in the Deep Roads


The Best Defense37
  • Minimum level: 20
  • +5 Constitution
  • +8% Heal bonus
  • +9% Ranged defence
  • Shield Wall now damages nearby enemies whenever five attacks are blocked
Shattered Library merchant, 76887 gold
Stinking Cheater37
  • +5 Constitution
  • +5% Critical chance
  • +9% Magic defence
  • Chance of Toxic Cloud on hit
Saarebas in the Inverted Ward, Shattered Library


The Skin That StalksMedium (no class restrictions)279
  • +6% Attack
  • +6% Critical chance
  • +11% Critical damage bonus
  • +78 Maximum health
N/AAncient Jail


Two-Handed Weapons

Chromatic Greatsword324 Metal (207 - 279 AOE)
  • Offence: 20 Metal
  • Offence: 12 Leather
  • Utility: 6 Metal
  • Inflicts random elemental damage
NoReward for scoring 80+ points in the fireworks minigame


Elgar'nan Enaste324 Metal (123 - 166)
  • Offence: 20 Leather
  • Utility: 12 Leather
  • Offence: 6 Metal
  • Explosive Arrows
NoChest behind a flame barrier, Inverted Ward, Shattered Library


Encore324 Metal (58 - 77)
  • Offence: 8 Cloth
  • Offence: 6 Metal
  • Offence: 8 Cloth
  • Chance to cast one of three buffs on hit
YesPick up the top hat in the Winter Palace gardens

Notes: a forged Encore staff will cast its buffs as well as any masterwork effect that you build in.


The Best Defense36 Metal (29 - 48)
  • Utility: 8 Metal
  • Utility: 5 Leather
  • Shield Wall damages enemies when attacks are blocked
Shattered Library merchant, 29457 gold


The Skin That Shields4Heavy23 Metal (235 - 339)
  • Defence: 12 Leather
  • Defence: 8 Leather
  • Defence: 8 Cloth
NoAncient Jail
The Skin That Stalks4Light23 Cloth (205 - 295)
  • Defence: 12 Metal
  • Utility: 10 Cloth
  • Utility: 10 Leather
NoAncient Jail
The Skin That Strikes4Medium23 Leather (219 - 319)
  • Defence: 12 Metal
  • Utility: 8 Leather
  • Defense: 10 Cloth
NoAncient Jail

Notes: Forged Skin That ----s armour does not have any class restrictions.


Installing Trespasser adds a slot to most suits of armour in the game (including the main game) which holds a sigil. They're a bit like runes except that runes are all benefit while sigils are mostly drawback. They are found as fixed drops, random loot and war table rewards. They sell for a base 150 gold which makes them a useful source of income at least.

Sigil of the Arcane Horror+10% Spirit damage-50% All other damage
Sigil of the Bronto+100% Guard-100% Barrier
Sigil of the Chevalier+15% Front armour-50% All other armour
Sigil of Deathroot+10% Attack-50% Healing
Sigil of the Deepstalker+200% Flanking damage-50% Attack
Sigil of Felandris+100% Poison damage-50% Attack
Sigil of the Gamordan Stormrider+10% Lightning damage-50% All other damage
Sigil of the Giant+50% Stamina / Mana-100% Cooldowns
Sigil of the Golem+10% Attack-100% Critical chance
Sigil of the Great Bear+100% Stamina / Mana-50% Regeneration
Sigil of the Greater Mistral+10% Cold damage-50% All other damage
Sigil of the Highland Ravager+10% Fire damage-50% All other damage
Sigil of Lyrium+50% Barrier-50% Health
Sigil of the Nug+25% Healing-25% Attack
Sigil of the Revenant+35% Heal on kill-50% Health
Sigil of the Tusket+100% Health-100% Armour

As you can see, most of these are pretty unbalanced and you'd only fit them to make the game harder. There are a couple of exceptions, however. "Bronto" is great on your tank because guard is far more useful than barrier. And because of the way stamina regeneration works (a fixed percentage of your maximum restored), "Great Bear" doubles your stamina while leaving the amount you gain back every second unchanged.

Additional Trophies

The Trespasser campaign gives three trophies: Coroner, Lateral Thinker and Forever Marked. You can't miss the last one, while the walkthrough will show you how to unlock the other two. Besides these three, Trespasser adds eight trophies that need to be unlocked by playing the main game, two of them from the very beginning. In case it's not immediately clear, trials are enabled from the options menu.

Trial of Temperance

Rest Easy reduces focus to zero when you fast travel and / or rest. To get the trophy, enable it before heading to Emprise du Lion and keep it on until you capture Suledin Keep. Not particularly difficult, unlike some of the others.

Trial of the Emperor

Walk Softly boosts the difficulty of normal enemies by giving them abilities like yours: shield bash, explosive shot, pommel strike and the like. Not thousand cuts, happily! Defeat twenty boosted enemies and this trophy will pop.

Trial of the Empress

Even Ground means that enemies scale to your level. Wait until you're at least level 16, enable it and then kill a somewhat tougher Fereldan Frostback in the Hinterlands to get this.

Trial of the Fool

This is kinda extreme. Take It Slow halves the amount of experience you earn. For this trophy, you need to enable this at the very start of the game and then reach Skyhold before you reach 6th level. You'll still hit second level in the prologue so you can only level up three times or you'll have to start over. Since you'll probably be combining this with a couple of the other debuffs, you'll want to dial the difficulty down to casual. Basically, do the minimum necessary to acquire enough power to unlock the required story missions. Here's a pretty decent guide to obtaining the trophy:

After all that, you earn a measly bronze!

Trial of the Hermit

Grizzly End makes bears tougher and makes great bears much tougher. Kill 15 enhanced great bears to earn this trophy. You'll find them in the Emerald Graves region.

Trial of the Lovers

Fair Weather Friends doubles the amount of disapproval you earn when your companions disapprove of your actions. You may want to do this at the same time as Trial of the Fool since you have to enable this at the start of the game. To get the achievement, you'll have to start Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts with all companions recruited and still in your team. If a follower has 0 disapproval and they're one of the companions who can leave, a single "greatly disapproves" will have them packing their bags. Therefore, this trophy will require a little metagaming. Fortunately, Ms. Disapproves herself, Vivienne, won't actually leave and neither will Cassandra. This means that it is safe to ally with the mages to avoid Dorian / Cole walking out on you as soon as they join. You may want to hold off recruiting Sera until after In Hushed Whispers. She can wait. Blackwall disapproves of evildoing so don't do evil!

Trial of the Magician

Travel Light removes supply caches from the game. To get this trophy, enable it before starting 'In Hushed Whispers' (the mage quest). This means before you enter Redcliffe. It'll pop when the quest is complete. You'll probably want to combine this with the Trials of the Fool and the Lovers.

Trial of the Tower

Rub Some Dirt On It makes healing potions useless. Enable it before you fight the Hivernal in Emprise du Lion and the trophy will pop when it dies.

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