Essay On The Purpose Of Art

This essay should be a sincere reflection of what you think and believe. Speak about your own life experiences. Use language that is familiar to you, language you use on a daily basis. We are impressed by sincerity and honesty, not flashy buzzwords. We encourage you to think in-depth about all aspects of your life—your personality strengths, the situations you find most challenging, and the things you daydream about between homework assignments. The process of writing this essay should help you find the clarity and confidence to speak about your goals so that we can help you achieve them. The goals you set now should be rooted in those aspects of your life that you identify as strengths and priorities. Those goals are the first steps on your path toward a life-long pursuit of creativity.

Respond to following questions in essay format, tell us the story of you. Please elaborate on and unpack your answers with specific examples that help us understand your creative thinking process and personal story.

Please submit a type written 500 word (1-2 page) minimum essay responding to the following four questions:

  • What are you most passionate about? If you’re not sure about your passion, what are you most curious about?
  • What are you good at, not perfect but getting better at with time and training? Maybe this is a drawing skill or maybe it’s public speaking, art and design requires a wide range of talents and we want to know which you’d like to develop most.
  • Outside of your personal practice, how is art and design a part of your daily life?
  • What does the world need? Does it need more of something, less of something, a change or improvement in a particular area? Reflect on needs that impact others that are also significant to you and your worldview.
  • You may email your Statement of Purpose to: (send as a PDF) or send it in the mail to the attention of the Kendall Admissions Office. This document must include your full legal name and date of birth in the header of the document.

It is my hope that honest answers to these questions energize your sense of identity, shape your path in school, and contribute to your vision of this creative world. Your answers to these questions are not final, you will continue to develop and update your answers throughout life.

Kristopher Jones, MFA
Director of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University

As we all know science has from many years opened a new pathway for many discoveries and enlightened our view on many issues. Surely we all can agree that science has played a major role in reassuring people and changing many orthodox notions which people had from centuries. However the clause that the purpose of art is to upset is deceiving and doubious. From many centuries we have heard of the great work done in art which has played a great role in upliftment of the society. So to view art only from a pessimistic point of view would be a very narrow approach.

Science has created wonders!Years ago the things which seemed impossible are just a few clicks away due to advancement in science and technology. Decades ago when it was thought that the earths surface is flat and that the earth is the centre of the solar system have proved to be fallacious by advancement in technology. We have produced modern telescopes and satellites which give us information about the climate and the to be natural calamities. Thus science surely has functioned to reassure people.

Just as advancements in science are made for the welfare of the nation, there are also arms and ammunitions, bombs and missiles made which have a destructive effect if used for warfare. Also medical science has made such great progress that potent drugs which can kill a person silently in a blink of eye are invented. Thus science can go from good to bad depending on the way of each persons approach.

Art has always been known for its pacifying actions on an indivisual. If a person sees the painting of a young child it automatically brings on a smile on anyones face. Similarly watching a comedians play relieves one of his daily life stress.The simple example of the great painting of Monalisa itself is such a great piece of art!
But art can also evoke emotions and upset the mindset of a person. By just seeing the painting of a young child begging on the streets itself is so depressing, so is a documentary film made on the life of a soldier who give up their entire life to be on the warfront.

Thus it can be inferred that ‘every coin has two sides’. Just as science can reassure it can also upset and just as art can upset it can also consolidate! It is basically just the point of view of a person to perceive things.

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