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Print out these math task cards for your students to practice dividing mixed numbers! Use task cards from #superteacherworksheets for classroom #learningcenters, #groupreview, individual #studytime, and #classgames. Be sure to check out the complete collection of printable task cards from Super Teacher Worksheets!

Check out the brand new "math stars" worksheets we've added to Super Teacher! Cut out the math stars for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, and rearrange the pieces to show the right fact families!

Print out area activities from #superteacherworksheets! Our printable #math resources include basic area, area of triangles, area of circles, area of rectangles and squares, area of parallelograms, surface area, and more! Browse our #area worksheets today!

Print out #time worksheets from #superteacherworksheets! Our #tellingtime activities include printable resources for digital clocks and analog clocks, cut-and-glue clocks, task cards, classroom games, draw-the-hands-on-the-clock activities, and much more! Check out our telling time resources today!

Your students can practice basic #math skills with our series of clever math riddles! These puzzles include a variety of math topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, decimals, place value, and integers. Students solve each math problem and fill in a missing letter of the riddle until the whole answer is revealed! Check out our entire collection of #mathriddles from #superteacherworksheets today!

Fidget Spinner Math Facts: how many can you solve before it stops spinning?

Are your students ready to take their fraction skills up a notch? See if they can order the fractions in this #mixednumbers card sort game from least to greatest! Find more #mixedfractions #worksheets in the #superteacherworksheets math collection!

Try out "I Have / Who Has?" card games from Super Teacher Worksheets! It's a fun card game for your whole class to get involved in!

Math - Super Teacher Worksheets

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