Ms 04 Solved Assignments 2010 Calendar

  • In Outlook, switch to the "Mail" or "Folder" view, and click on your Inbox.
  • Click on the magnifying glass at the right end of the search bar.

When you do that, it brings up a new ribbon of Search Tools.

  • Click on the "Search Tools" Icon (wrench and hammer) and then to Advanced Find under the drop down menu.
  • Make sure the drop downs are set to "Appointments and Meetings" in "Calendar".
  • Click on the More Choices tab, and you will see an option "Only Items that are".
  • Click that drop down, and select "Unread" and put a check mark in the box next to it.
  • Click "Find Now".

The unread calendar items will be listed below.

  • Click one of the listed appointments and then hit + to select All the appointments listed.
  • Click + to mark them all as read.

If the Ctrl+Q doesn't work for some reason, an alternative is to (after selecting all found messages via CTRL+A):

  • Press the enter key.
  • There will be a warning that this might take a long time, but just click continue.

All the unread calendar items will now open.

  • Once all items are open, right click the Outlook icon on the task bar and select "Close all Windows".

All the open calendar items and outlook itself will now close. Next time you open Outlook, all there will not be any unread calendar items.


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MS -  612 Retail Management

Block-1 A Overview of Retailing Environment

Unit-1 Introduction to Retailing

Unit-2 Evolution of Retail Environment

Unit-3 Formats of Retailing     

Block-2  Retail Planning and Development

Unit-4   Understanding the Retail Customer

Unit-5   Marketing Research for Retailing

Unit-6   Strategic Retail Planning Process 

Unit-7   Locational Decisions

Unit-8   Growth Strategies

Block-3 Retail Mix

Unit-9   Product Merchandise

Unit-10 Pricing

Unit-11 Promotions and Communication Mix

Unit-12 Atmospherics

Block-4 Retail Operations

Unit-13 Sourcing

Unit-14 Financial Management Issues in Retailing

Unit-15 Organisation Structure and Management of Human Resources

Unit-16 CRM–Customer Relationship Marketing

Unit-17 Monitoring and Controlling Retail Operations  

Block-5 Issues Impacting Retail Business in India

Unit-18 Legal and Security Issues in Retail

Unit-19 Ethical Dimensions

Unit-20 Technology in Retailing

Unit-21 Non-store Retailing 


Chapter-1Introduction to Retailing

Chapter-2 Evolution of Retail Environment

Chapter-3 Formats of Retailing

Chapter-4 Understanding the Retail Customer

Chapter-5 Marketing Research for Retailing

Chapter-6 Strategic Retail Planning Process

Chapter-7 Locational Decisions

Chapter-8 Growth Strategies

Chapter-9 Product Merchandise

Chapter-10 Pricing

Chapter-11 Promotions and Communication Mix

Chapter-12 Atmospherics

Chapter-13 Sourcing

Chapter-14 Financial Management Issues in Retailing

Chapter-15 Organisation Structure and Management of Human Resources

Chapter-16 CRM – Customer Relationship Marketing

Chapter-17 Monitoring and Controlling Retail Operations

Chapter-18 Legal and Security Issues in Retail

Chapter-19 Ethical Dimensions

Chapter-20 Technology in Retailing

Chapter-21 Non-Store Retailing

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