Cover Letter For Spousal Sponsorship Application

Supporting Letter for Sponsorship

When writing letters of support or personal statements for the purpose of sponsoring your spouse or common law partner, there a number of things you should include. Writing a personal statement is your chance to "connect the dots" for the officer and an opportunity to demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship. These tips will help you build a solid letter that will increase the chances for your success while helping you fill in the blanks you draw while you attempt to complete this often underrated task.

Though Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not directly ask for this in the document checklist, the onus is on the applicant to prove their case. If you choose to omit information because you find it unnecessary or obvious, the officer will not consider it. Remember, officers consider the information presented and do not fill in the blanks for you or consider arguments for you that you have not considered yourself. Sponsorship applications are one instance where less is not more.

Some topics you may wish to cover in your letter would be:

  1. A strong intro with the basic facts of your relationship, sort of like an overview of what you will be discussing in your letter. The "who, what, where, when and how" of your relationship.
  2. Begin describing how your relationship began. How did you meet? When was your first date? How did it go?
  3. How did you maintain contact? Did you speak often on the phone, spend a lot of time physically together or did you communicate by email or chat? How often would you communicate?
  4. Describe how the relationship flourished. Think of occasions you spent together and some memorable moments that are of note in your relationship.
  5. Be specific with dates and times of things you have done together. If you travelled together, where and when? How was the trip? If you went on interesting dates like to a sports game or the theater, what did you see? When and where was it? How did you enjoy your time together?
  6. Describe each other. What do you like most about your spouse or partner? How do their qualities mesh with your own? Why are they special to you?
  7. Describe your spouse or partner gets along with your family and friends. When did they meet, how was your spouse or partner received? Did they get along well with your family and friends? Describe these instances in detail.
  8. How did you know your spouse or partner was the one? If applicable, who proposed to whom? How did that happen? When did you start living together? Do you enjoy living together?
  9. If applicable, how was the wedding ceremony? Where was it held? Who was in attendance? Describe how this was one of the most memorable occasions for you.
  10. Describe your future plans together.

If you are able to answer these questions and support with documentation, the officer will not have to think twice about the genuineness of your relationship.

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Re: Cover letter for spouse settlement visa

Should I not mention the sale of the house at all on the cover letter?? I did list it under the 'other investments, stocks, and whatever' section of the application. I was planning on including statements with our stock portfolio, retirement accounts, and house contract even though I understand they are looking only at current, liquid assets. I have heard mumblings that they can still help.

I will mention first that my husband will continue his job in the UK. We are working to get his company to give us a letter stating salary and a few other pertinent details (why is HR so difficult to work with in almost any company??)

On the overcrowding part, this is what I have written:

'As we have done previously when visiting the UK, we will be staying with my sister-in-law and her family. I wanted to note that this is a temporary situation. Once we arrive in the UK, our first order of business is to find a house to rent/purchase. After consulting the MAA14 Overcrowding statute, we understand that we will not be in an overcrowded situation.'

I purchased online and printed the land registry for my SIL's house with both her and her husband's name. She sent us a letter stating that it would be fine for us to stay with them and evidence to back up the property is theirs (we are waiting for it to arrive...she sent it 3 day post a week ago! I can only hope she sent the correct stuff) The land registry does not list how many rooms are in the house. I also did not ask her to send info on the sizes of the rooms. Should she have stated the sizes?

I am not worried putting down July 1st as the beginning date of the visa. Hubby has a conference he is present at towards the end of June so we wouldn't be able to leave before then anyways. Plus, we are unable to get plane tickets with our miles until mid-July. Once I get the visa, I will get our tickets (tho we are waiting on the children's British passports. Hubby is supposed to be contacting the British Embassy to find out if they could, if needed, travel into the UK on their US passports or if that would cause trouble - which it probably would the more I think on it)

Thanks! It is weird to have a separate letter for my husband and myself. We have been married almost 14 years. There is no 'him and me' anymore. It is 'us' as a family. Separating us out is just not normal anymore.

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