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CHERRYVILLE – High-speed Internet service is coming to Cherryville, thanks to a $250,000 grant from the government of B.C. Today’s announcement means by the end of this year, over 1,000  area residents will benefit from a partnership between the government of B.C., the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) and the private sector, including a local Internet service provider. Local businesses, especially those in Cherryville’s growing wood and tourism sectors, will be able to compete in broader markets, giving them the opportunity to expand their messages globally through online marketing and sales. This one-time $250,000 grant will help pay for the estimated $300,000 cost to build the necessary infrastructure. An additional $50,000 was raised by the RDNO through the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust. Since 2001, high-speed Internet access has reached hundreds of communities and total connectivity in B.C. has increased from 82 per cent to 93 per cent. Today’s grant for Cherryville is another step forward in the government’s commitment to achieve 100 per cent connectivity by 2021. It will enable the RDNO to select an Internet service provider to get the service up and running by the end of 2013.
Cherryville Residents Now have Opportunity To reach This Point

Eugene Foisy, Electoral Area “E”, Regional District of North Okanagan –

“We’re thrilled to receive this funding from the government of B.C. Businesses and families across the Cherryville area will be able to join the high-speed Internet community, which is crucial to the economic viability of residents in the region.”

MLA for Vernon-Monashee Eric Foster

“I had heard from the community firsthand about their ongoing need for better Internet connectivity. This has been a group effort by the community, the regional district and government. I’m proud to have helped bring this service to the Cherryville area and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits high-speed Internet access will bring to people in the region.”

Emergency Care

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are the only hospital in Kingston that receives patients via ambulance. This means that if you or a family member require a ground or air ambulance service in order to receive emergency care, you will likely arrive at KGH. If your family member has been taken to KGH by ambulance, you can read more about how to locate them on our find a patient page. 

When to come to the Emergency Department

Please remember, the Emergency department is for patients who are seriously ill or have suffered a major trauma or medical emergency. If you are not seriously ill or injured, we ask that you please explore other health care options, such as a walk-in clinic or the Urgent Care Centre at Hotel Dieu Hospital. You can read more about these options on our alternative options for care page.  If you are unsure whether you are having an emergency, you may also call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 and speak with one of their nurses. 

If you do need to visit our Emergency department there are several items that you should remember. 

  • Please take your coat off and have your health card ready when you arrive at the triage desk.
  • Please bring your medications, or an up-to-date list of your medications with you.

You can also read more information about what to expect when you arrive at the Emergency department. 

Getting to the Emergency Department

The entrance to the Emergency department is located off of King Street West and there are signs to help you find the Emergency department ramp. There are four parking spots at the top of the ramp that can be used to drop off a patient. Once you or your family member have arrived at the triage desk, your vehicle will need to be moved to another parking spot around the hospital. For more information on parking, please visit our parking at KGH page. To find the Emergency department from within the hospital, please use our hospital map. 

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