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Love In The Time of Cholera Analysis Paper

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Love in the Time of Cholera In the novel, Love in the Time of Cholera written by Gabriel García Márquez, there are many symbols to represent, literally, love in the time of cholera. These symbols are flowers, birds, and rain. Márquez uses these similar terms to describe the effects of love and cholera throughout the novel by using all of those symbols ultimately represent or foreshadow anguish and unfortunate disasters that Cholera can bring. Cholera was a contagious disease affecting most of the population in where the story takes place. Though, this book is heavily centered on the disease and love, the author is primarily focusing on literal “lovesickness”. One generally does not associate sweet and pure love with diarrhea,…show more content…

This was necessary for Florentino because he was suffering so much emotional pain he almost felt dead, and physical pain was imperative for him to feel alive. Birds, like Cholera, lead to death. Márquez uses the birds in the novel as an ironic message of love that soon leads to a disastrous end. Birds were the reason why people died, just like Cholera will make people die. In the novel, Márquez does not include a character that actually died from Cholera. However, he does include characters that die from “love sickness” at the hands of birds. Since lovesickness serves as a parallel to Cholera, we can assume that birds also represent Cholera, which is the fate of death. The most prominent example is when Dr.Urbino tried to catch his beloved parrot and eventually fell to his death. The parrot that Dr. Urbino spent countless hours of dedication and the bird that he had paid more attention than he did to his own children, that lead ironically to his death. Another example when Olimpia Zuleta gave Florentino a carrier pigeon as a thank-you for rescuing her and her parasol. Florentino sent back the carrier pigeon with an unsigned love note, and thus the romance between the two began. The Pigeon that lead to a romance between the two soon ended when the husband discovered her infidelity and Olimpia was killed. Both Dr.Urbino and Olimpia lose their lives to love, whether it be because of a bird or for a bird. I believe that the birds also And last but not

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Love in the Brain Essay

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Love in the Brain

Does brain equal behavior? Some people have argued that they have difficulty saying it does because they find it hard to believe that our individual, tangible brain controls emotions that many consider to be intangible, such as being in love. This paper will discuss the role that the brain actually plays in love- why we are attracted to certain people, why we feel the way we do when we are around them, and whether or not this is enough to say that in the case of love, brain does equal behavior.

The first stage of romantic love begins with attraction. Whether you have been best friends for a long time or you just met the person, you begin your romantic relationship when there is that feeling of…show more content…

In addition, an experiment by McClintock showed that women were attracted to the smell of a man who was genetically similar, but not too similar, to their fathers ((1)). Therefore, our genetic information might play a role in whether or not someone is desirable in order to avoid inbreeding or, on the other end of the spectrum, to avoid the loss of desirable gene combinations. Inevitably, however, it is our brain that processes another individual's appearance, lifestyle, how they relate to past individuals we have met, and, possibly, their pheromones. Then, based on this information, we decide, within our brain, whether or not this person is worth getting to know.

Almost immediately thereafter, it is uncontroversial that when someone experiences an attraction for someone else, their brain triggers the release of certain chemicals. These adrenaline-like chemicals include phenylethylamine (PEA) which speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells, dopamine, and norepinephrine (both of which are similar to amphetamines). Dopamine makes you feel good and norepinephrine stimulates the production of adrenaline. Together, these chemicals explain why when we are around someone we are attracted to we feel a "rush" and our heart beats faster ((8)). However, if you have ever been in love, you know that these feelings somewhat subside as you become more comfortable with someone and move from

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