Essay Co Education Merits Demerits

Even in a more modern country like the United States, there are still schools that are exclusive for boys or girls. In other parts of the world, giving separate education to males and females is the norm. But in a world where progressiveness is the ideal, co-education would seem the better setup in schools. Of course, there are pros and cons for both types of education systems. Here are the advantages and disadvantages for co-ed schools.

List of Advantages of Co-education

1. It exposes and teaches students about gender equality, sensitivity, and respect at an early age.
One reason why there is a lot of misunderstanding between males and females is due to the lack of knowledge and exposure to the nature of both genders. If your children weren’t able to interact with boys or girls of a similar age when they were younger, can you imagine how awkward and unsure they would be when they step into the real world? Co-ed environments allow kids to develop natural and friendly relationships with the opposite gender in a monitored setting. This can be crucial to teaching them about respecting, appreciating, and understanding the differences and uniqueness of each gender in their formative years.

2. It fosters friendly competition.
One of the biggest issues today is gender inequality. In most societies, males have better opportunities, education, wages, and benefits compared to females. Through co-education, boys and girls can learn that either gender can excel and compete healthily with each other.

3. It can help educational institutions save on resources.
Schools and governments won’t have to spend more on classrooms and teachers when males and females go to the same school and classes. As a result, they can focus their resources on more important things, such as improving educational facilities and programs for everyone and providing better access to education.

List of Disadvantages of Co-education

1. It can be a distraction for some.
Teasing, having crushes, and trying to impress the opposite gender is a normal phase human beings will go through. Having to interact with them everyday can make it more difficult for some students to focus on their studies because they could become more conscious or distracted because of certain ‘feelings’.

2. It can encourage early experimentation.
Along with the feelings of attraction, the urge to act out on those feelings will also follow. And since co-ed students can hang out with each other more often, there will be more chances to ‘experiment’. This is one reason why some parents want their children to study in exclusive schools for boys or girls during their kids’ formative years.

3. It can lead to cases of harassment.
There have been many cases of sexual assault and harassment in co-education institutions. But then again, there have also been such issues in single gender schools.

The concept of co-education has been around for a long time. In fact, Plato, the Greek philosopher, advocated the teaching of both females and males in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education. He said that it creates a feeling of comradeship. Do you agree with these points?

The trend of co-education us getting more and more popular amongst the country like Pakistan and India, mainly in Sub continent, it is already very much common in the western world but now it is being adopted all over the world. The education system comprising of co-education system has many pros and cons, which is it is having several advantages and disadvantages based on the way this system is being adopted, used and utilized. These advantages and disadvantages are being illustrated below:

Co-education Advantages:

  • One of the very core benefit and advantage of education system in which males and females study together is that the understanding between the two genders prevails and it becomes more comfortable for the individuals to get use to of such environment where both male and females work together. This prepares the students for the practical life when they have to work shoulder to shoulder with the opposite sex.
  • It increases the confidence level of the individuals when they work with opposite gender. And if it is being done from the very initial level than it plays a vital role in the grooming of the personality of both the male and female students, this is because the individuals feel hesitant when they are exposes to opposite sex for the every first time so it is very much useful to eliminate this hesitation at very basic level so that both the males and females get use to of working together in their upcoming lives.
  • The environment becomes very much controlled and within the limits when the people of more than one gender are present as this keeps the students to behave properly and avoid misuse of language or even other unethical activities. So co-education can plays a vital role in altering and modifying the nature and respect for the both genders.

Co-education Disadvantages:

  • The very threating and fearful disadvantage is that the students can get diverted from their studies and can involve themselves in other activities apart from education which can results due to the attraction of the opposite sex. This might affect the educational career of the individual students at very initial level which can make the foundations very weak.
  • One of the very significant disadvantages of co-education is that the students can get involve in unethical activities and even can get in to crimes. The unethical activities at very young age include the affairs, physical relationships and the crimes might include the rape and sexual harassment which might destroy the lives of the involved students.
  • Very tight check and balance is required when the co-education system is to¬† be implemented but in majority educational institutions the co-education is implemented but no proper check and balance is kept which makes the misuse and negative use of this educational system and that s when it becomes hazardous and dangerous.

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