Technology Related Topics For Research Papers

Technology Research Paper Ideas: 10 Hot Questions to Cover

Developing new technology research paper ideas can be difficult for students. On first glimpse it feels as though all topics worthy of discussion have already been taken, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of excellent topics to base your research paper on. All it takes is a little brainstorming and patience to arrive to a solid list. We’ve put this list together for your consideration and to help inspire some ideas of your own:

  1. How do social media, the use of cell phones, texting and the internet bring the world closer? Have these technologies solved problems or created more?
  2. Do you believe that children today (those under 12 years old) are growing up in a significantly different world than college aged students (18 – 22 years old)? What do think are the major differences?
  3. Consider the ways in which we interact with other humans and how this affects the ways in which we interact with machines such as the computer or cell phone? Is this positive or negative?
  4. Technology advances so rapidly that sometimes new software or hardware is introduced with several glitches that can sometimes have terrible outcomes or can be hacked easily. Are we moving too fast for our own good?
  5. When do you think it is morally or ethically wrong to genetically modify a child? What are the positive uses of this technology? What are the negative uses?
  6. What do you believe is the most important new technology when it comes to solving the world’s greatest problems? Do you believe that with enough support governments or societies will use these technologies?
  7. What are some of the ways you see people using technology to positively change the world? Is there any opposition to these views and what would it take to change those opinions?
  8. What are the positive and negative long-term effects for humans living in the current technological world? Are we aware of these effects or are they largely ignored by people today?
  9. Do you believe that countries like North Korea or China will continue to monitor or limit their citizens’ use of the internet? If so, what do you foresee could be the outcome from the public?
  10. How is the global economy affected by the continual development of technological globalization? Are there positive or negative implications that haven’t yet been explored?

We all are stupefied by the way technology has changed our lives. None of us would have imagined, few decades ago, that there will be something like Google that would give us information about anything and everything we want. Similarly, there are social networking websites, smartphones, Mac computers, iPads, HDTVs, 5G Internet, amazing operating systems, and what not! Information Technology (IT) has changed the way we live. It has ushered us in an era of comfort and luxury. If you are an IT student or a researcher interested in writing some thesis in the IT field, there are abundant topics to choose. However, the topics you choose must be relevant and useful to the IT world. It must be able to solve technical problems in the field of IT or it can be anything that helps in general improvement of the IT field.

Suggested Topics for Information Technology Research Paper

It is imperative for you to make a note of several points while writing a technical research paper. Your research must be totally relevant to your chosen topic. Your research must help engineers or scientists in some way with their ongoing projects or it should help in sorting out some limitations of this field. Your paper must also consider innovations of the present day methods or any further key development related to it. Moreover, excellent technical details, presentation and documentation are also vital aspects of a research paper. But before all that, you must know what to research and write about.

Cloud Computing: A new Era of IT Opportunity and Challenges
IT industry stands at the threshold of a new era in the technological leap. Cloud computing is everything that could answer the problems of IT companies. Cloud computing has the ability to make IT resources more cheaper and it gives businesses a great flexibility to expand. Discuss how cloud computing will prove to the next milestone in IT world.

Developing Graphic Systems for IT Applications
There are number of fields like military, healthcare, architecture where computer graphics play a crucial role. Image analysis, threat identification, weather prediction, body analysis, architectural drawings, everywhere graphics are vital. By analyzing the most advanced present day graphic systems, the paper should suggest innovations and developments in them.

Internet Censorship: Should It be Allowed?
It is an issue that has created huge controversies after some world renowned Internet Search engines were banned in some countries. Should we control the flow of information? Is Internet censorship essential to avoid several cyber crimes? Study and analyze the both sides of the coin, giving innovative alternatives to it.

Cryptography and Computer Security
Cryptography has amazingly benefited computers, ATMs and e-commerce in the last couple of years. Understanding the working of hackers, identity thieves presents a very interesting area of research. Viruses, Trojans, cyber laws, anything related to computer security, forms one of the best research paper topic ideas on computers, especially for computer engineers and young IT professionals.

Some Other Information Technology Research Paper Topics

✍ Assessment of Robot Assisted Surgery
✍ Issues of Privacy and Databases in the Ever Broadening IT World
✍ The Future of Artificial Intelligence
✍ E-commerce and the World Wide Web: An Evolving Relationship
✍ Genetic Engineering and Role of Computers in It
✍ Controlling Pornography over the Internet
✍ Evolving Human Computer Interaction
✍ The Future of Computational Photography
✍ Sensor Networks Evolution: Opportunities and Challenges
✍ Claytronics Future Applications
✍ Future of Bioinformatics and Biometrix
✍ Electronic surveillance In Modern World
✍ Future of Social Media
✍ Multimedia over ATM Networks
✍ Comparative Study of Windows, Linux, Unix, and Ubuntu
✍ Basic input/output system (BIOS) Functions and Modifications
✍ Growing Challenges in Website Development
✍ Making Parallel Packet Switches Practical
✍ Network Congestion Control Program (NCP)
✍ Design and Study of Single Buffered Routers
✍ Implementing Real-Time Programmable Shading
✍ 3-D Rendering Algorithms
✍ Simulation & Analysis of Musculosekeltal Systems
✍ Human Modeling and Simulation Future
✍ Multilayer Switch In Networking

These are just some of the many information technology research paper topics. While writing a technical research paper, your research must be backed by sufficient proofs and facts. Since academic researches take time, your dedication, focus and time management are also very important. We did not give you a long list of topics so that you don't get confused due to many options. Choose any of the above topics that you find interesting and just start your research. All the best!

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