Essay About My Work Placement

Essay about My Work Experience

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My Work Experience

I went on work experience for a week in June at Natwest Bank in Bakewell. Natwest is part of a larger organisation called the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The Royal Bank of Scotland bought Natwest in March 2000 for £21 billion which was the biggest take-over in British banking history. Natwest is a national company and very well known so I felt quite privileged to work for them. Also the Bakewell branch was of a very high standard of service from the checks they get every month as I was shown the data of this when I went to visit them. From working in a banking environment I learnt a lot about how banking works and what goes on behind closed doors of the public, which was…show more content…

I worked with many different people, such as the manager, cashier, client interviewer and the receptionist. The people I worked with were very helpful and kind to me helping me in every way they could. The manager was especially kind to me and made me feel welcome and part of the bank as soon as I arrived.

I think a made a helpful contribution to the bank and always did what I was asked to do without any hesitation and no complaints. I enjoyed doing every task I was set and especially when I was set to audit the bank's appearance over the week I was there, by filling in the "Topbox Service" in. It made me feel as if I was helping the bank and that they trusted me to give me this responsibility. I learnt about how a bank runs and learnt many new skills at me placement and these were:

· How to use a photocopier

· How to use a fax machine

· How to cashier

· How to use the Natwest computer system

· What accounts could be given to people

· How the alarms works

· How to fill in a stationary and printed order form

· How to key in Cash exchange forms into the Natwest computer

· How to fill the ATM up

· How to count and bag

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Essay about My Work Experience

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My Work Experience

When I was told that I would be doing my work experience at Belleview nursing home, working with old sick people I found that it was a very daunting prospect. After my first day there, that had all changed.

I made my way to work on Monday 6th of June by the service bus at 8.30am to be at my workplace by 9.00am. The thought of meeting new people and trying to act mature in an environment I was not sure of scared me. I got to Belleview nursing home and suddenly felt all my worries diminish within ten minutes of meeting my newfound work colleagues. The matron, Myra Symes, welcomed me with a smile and made me feel part of the team immediately. I was informed of my duties and…show more content…

One particular patient, Lizzie, who was 97 and looked very sad, and confused, due to her dementia, thinking that she was still at home during the war and thought she was a sixteen year old girl. I thought of how she must have felt, having the mind of a sixteen year old but the body of a ninety seven year old. She made me feel sad for her but feeling sorry for the patients doesn't help in the caring profession. Therefore I had to focus on the job I was there to do.

As my week progressed at the nursing home, so did my capabilities I grew more confident in the tasks I was being asked to perform. I was beginning to feel part of the team. Getting to know my work mates on a daily basis made me feel that any problems I would be facing with the patients would be quickly diminished by simply asking for help on anything I wasn't sure of.

I began helping with the bathing, dressing, feeding and aiding them with their toilet needs. Although the patients were old not all of them were ill, therefore they needed exercise and showing them exercise videos where we all joined in. This made it a fun time for them, thus making their day much more bearable. My days here were passing quickly in the workplace as the patients kept me busy. They all had different and special

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