Asian Studies Essay Topics


"KOKUSAI KEKKON: Discovering the Subjective Realities within the Romantic Fantasies and Reproduced Images of International Couples in Japan"
–Ash Asencios

"Work More, Get Less: Labor Regimes and Economic Stability in Shanghai 1945-1956"
–Michael Avi-Yonah

"Explaining Japan’s Immigration Paradox: Nikkeijin and Care Workers in Japan’s Revolving Door"
–Olivia Campbell

"The Fatal Crack: A Translation of the “Biographies of Eunuchs” in the History of the Later Han (Hou Han Shu), with Introduction"
–Kennedy Edmonds

"Dangerous Women: Gendered Articulations of Mental Illness in Colonial Korea"
–Kristy Hong

"Unfounded Optimism? Migrant Workers’ Perceptions of Social Mobility in Beijing"
–Janice Jia

"Hierarchy, Self-Image and Class Identification: A Psychological Interpretation of Samurai"
–Christopher Jury

"The Republic of China and the United Nations System in Asia, 1945-1950"
–Anatol Klass

"Soy's Ladder: Health in the Unmaking of Japanese Manchuria"
–William Sack

"China’s Oil Triangle: Analyzing Energy Politics Among China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran"
–Christian Šidák

"Ephemerae: Tradition and Innovation in Fujian Nanyin"
–Sam Wu


“The Myth of Madame Mao and Her World: Reexamining Jiang Qing's Gendered Legacy in Nixon in China and Beyond”
–Josh Bean

“A World Preserved: George Bush and the National Security Council After Tiananmen Square”
–Eyck Freymann

“Why the One Percent Ceiling? Japan’s Defense Spending Puzzle”
–Miles Graham

“Land Grabs in Argentina? COFCO, Soybeans, and the Rise of China M&A”
–Jack Kleinman

“Peng-Chun Chang, American Pragmatism, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”
–Henry Li

“Soft on Security?: The Effect of Partisanship and Gender on Defense Policy Support in Japan”
–Carlino Mark Natividad

“Doubled; Troubled: An Ethnography of School Choice in Amerasian Okinawa”
–Brooke Nowakowski

“Transnationalism, Nationalism, and Korean American Identity: Explaining the Spread of Comfort Women Memorials in America”
–David Song


“Global Media & Global Identities: Audience Reception Among College Students in Shanghai”
–Athena Bowe

“Airpathy: Citizen Apathy and Inaction towards Pollution in Beijing”
–Alexandra Foote

“Alternative Explanations for Zimbabwe’s Decision to Implement a ‘Look East’ Policy in the Year 2003”
–Tre Hunt

“Let the Games Come to the Fifth Circle: Cold War Politics and the 1964 Tokyo Olympics”
–Brian Kaneshige

“Mechanisms that Drive Public Policy Changes: How Civil Society, International Influence, and Issue Framing Incited Governmental Action to Combat Sex Trafficking in China and South Korea from 2000 to 2014”
–Gina Kim

“Tangibly Intangible: The Process of Registering 'Jeju Haenyeo Culture' onto the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity”
–Franklin Lee

“'A Hong Kong Effort': The British Army Aid Group in South China, 1942-1945”
–Joe Mazur

“Say Sorry Like You Mean It: The Role of Japanese Public Protest in Korean Responses to Japan’s War Apologies, 1990s-2000s”
–Vi Nguyen

“Individual and Collective Silence in The Garden of Evening Texts, the Gift of Rain, “Droplets,” by Medoruma Shun, and The Stones Cry Out by Hikaru Okuizumi”
–Caitlyn Pang

“Cuisine, Consumption, and Japanese Department Store Cafeterias, 1904-1923”
–Axel Snow

“Legal Reform and Food Safety Development in Contemporary China”
–Amy Sparrow

“Protecting Oneself: How Resident Physicians Navigate Priorities and Pressures within a Chinese Hospital”
–Rose-Ann Thomas

“The Long March: History, Myth, Propaganda”
–Rachel Wong

“Forms of Emptiness: An Exploration of the Intersections between Soto Zen Buddhism and Real Analysis”
–Spencer Vegosen


“The Cats that Catch Mice: 'Hybrid' Firms as Leaders in China's Private Equity Industry”
–Isabelle Clarke

“Forgotten Words: Tao Yuanming's Place in the Development of Chinese Eremitic Discourse”
–William Hakim

"Family Business Performance in the Thai and Japanese Stock Markets"
–Kerry Hammond

"We Demand Truth from Tablo: Cyber Protest and Civil Society in South Korea"
–Hojung Lee

"Mixed Motivations: Explaining Japan's Article Nine Debate"
–Marissa McGarry

"Praying for a Just Cause: The Role of International Christian Social Networks in the South Korean Human Rights Movement, 1974-1987"
–Jasmine Park

"Your Eyes Turned Red, The Stock Market Turned Green: How China's Retail Investors and Government Lose to Win"
–Jonathan Reindollar

"The Value of Chinese Wildlife: Domestic and International Representation of the Panda and its Peers"
–Melody Wu


“From Lineage Organization to Lineage Net: The Post-Cultural Revolution Re-Imagining of the Chinese Lineage Community”
–Devin Bean

“Illuminating the Darkness Beneath the Lamp: Im Yong-sin’s Disappearance from History and Rewriting the History of Women in Korea’s Colonial Period (1910-1945)”
-Chelsea Carlson

“On Being ‘Lesbian’: Kakefuda Hiroko’s ‘Rezubian’ de are, to iu koto, Translated and In Context.”
-Lucia Carver

“Acupuncture Points: A Historical and Scientific Analysis”
-Liang Cheng

“The Mystification and Demystification of Stephen Chow”
-Jennifer Fan

“Kizuna After 3/11: Community Development and Recovery in Ishinomaki”
-Jade Luo

“The Elusive Turning Point: Problematizing Narratives of Late Imperial Developmental Inflection”
-Adam Mitchell

“A Reversal of Influence: The Rising Power of Korea”
-Lila Nieves-Lee

 “The Many Facets of Censorship in Modern China: An Examination of a Film Director’s Negotiation Between Restriction and Impact”
-Kelly O’Grady

“Class Struggle: Higher Education Reform and the Class of 1977”
-Sandy Xu


“Scaling the Great Firewall: The Evolution of Chinese Internet Language in Response to Government Censorship”
-Samuel Brotherton

“The Heart of the Text: Mencius and His Quest for Sagehood”
-Benjamin Gallant

“The Politics of HIV and Chinese NGOs”
-Samuel Galler

“Islam(s) on the Border: Authenticity, Imagined Geographies, and Ethnic Boundaries in a Chinese and Burmese Muslim Community”
-Jonathan Max Kaufman

“Disaster Nationalism: An Analysis of Internet Reactions to the Shanghai and Tohoku Earthquake in China and Japan”
-Sean Kerr

“Marketing ‘Healthy’: Branded Foods and Nutrition in Contemporary China”
-Elizabeth Paisner

“Surviving Stigma: Narratives of Depression from Shanghai China”
-Catherine Taylor Poor

“Conflict or Capital: Examining Theories of Economic Integration and Conflict Between China and Taiwan from 2008 to 2012”
-Peter Truog

“Singletons and the State: The Pursuit of a Quality Generation in Urban China”
-Linda Zhang


“The Underside of Language: Izumi Kyōka and a New Hermeneutic for Modern Japanese Literature”
-Peter John Bernard

“Elite Conceptions of Religion in China: The New Generational Divide” (Joint Social Studies/EAS)
-Christopher James Carothers

“American Companies’ Perceptions and Peferences for Trademark Law Enfocement in the P.R.C.” (Joint Government/EAS)
-Nara Lee

“The World Heats Up: Japan and the Kyoto Protocol”
-Kevin Martinez

“’Period of Integrated Study’: A Small But Significant Japanese Public Education Reform”
-James Noyes

“The Human Rights Issue in Chinese Orphanages”
-Rachel Rauh

“Xiahe’s Ethnic Tourism: Contested Identities in a Powered Space” (Joint Social Studies/EAS)
-Robert Benjamin Schaaf

“The First Confucian Missionary in Europe: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) and Chinese Philosophy in Europe”
-Martin Michael Wallner


“Visions of an Ideal Society: The Role of Neo-Confucianism, Local Leadership, and Community Compacts in Chosǒn Korea”
-Joa Alexander

“Sino-Muslim Education and Changes in Chinese Muslim Identity in Republican China, the Zhonghua Minguo (1911-1949)” (Joint NELC/EAS)
-Tristan Brown

“Love in the Analects and in the Commentaries of the Analects”
-Cynthia Cheung

“Social Means to a Rational End: Emulation and China in the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Mechanism”
-Rachel Esplin Odell

“Re-creating the Periphery: The Role of Ethnic Minorities in History Textbooks in the People’s Republic of China, 1945-1956” (Joint History/EAS)
-Siodhbhra Margaret Parkin

“Privileging the Nikkeijin: The Influence of Nihonjinron Discourse on Japanese Immigration Policy”
-Sadie Ariel Stoddard

“Testing for Quality: What China’s National College Entrance Examinations Reveal About the Education for Quality Movement and Wider Social Discourses in the Reform Era and Beyond”
-Hannah C. Waight

 “Building the Homeland: Case Study on Chinese Language Schools in the U.S.”
-Betty Zhang


"Does China Favor Autocracies in Trade?  The Effect of Regime Similarity on Dyadic Trade Relationships."
-Andrea Blankmeyer

"The Formation of Korean Civil Society Under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1910-1945." (Joint EAS/History)
-Emily Bruemmer

"Reading Last Friends: Representations of Transgenderism in Contemporary Japanese Television Drama."
-Debbie Chiang

"Warming Up to Climate Change: The Role of International Donors in Viet Nam's New Environmental Agenda." (Joint Government/EAS)
-Quinn Dang

"Shell Games: Chinese Banking Sector Reform Through the Lens of Non-Performing Loan Resolution."
-Carey Hynes

"Professional Dancing in China: Shaping Body and Mind at Shanghai Theatre Academy."
-Marc Janke

"Philosophical Battles and Bridges: Syncretism in the Huainanzi."
-Anne Lewandowski

"Bargaining with the State: The Influence of INGOs in China's Environmental Movement." (Joint EAS/Government)
-Linda Y. Li

"Commemorating Cities: The Divergent Legacies of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Postwar Japan 1945 to the 1990s."  (Joint EAS/History)
-Shi Lin Loh

"Inferring International Organizational Objectives: A Fresh Look at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization." (Joint Government/EAS)
-Nicholas Manske

"Contemporary Methods of Cultural Imperialism and its Corresponding Influence on Conspicuous Peripheral Consumption: An Inquiry into the Chinese Fashion System."
-Timothy Parent

"'Pity the Poor Girls': The Construction and Destruction of Female Subjectivity in Contemporary Chinese Filmmaking."
-Geraldine Kim Prasuhn

"Fujino Chiya's The Promise of Summer."
-Rachel Staum

"Copy Cats and Mass Naked Child Events: An Analysis of the Illegal Fan Activities in Anime and Manga."
-Alice Thieu

"Writing Mao: Memoirs of the Cultural Revolution and Remembrance of the Great Helmsman." (Joint EAS/History)
-Julie Vodhanel

"Governing a Big State is Like Cooking a Small Fish: Cooks in Early Chinese Literature."
-Jenny Dove Wanger

"Nationalism and Protest: The Seed for Civil Society in China."
-Nancy Yang


"Open Secret (gongkai mimi): Capitalist Socialization in Communist China." (Joint EAS/Anthro)
-Jordan Baehr

"China's Nostalgic Youth: An Anthropological Study of the Effects of Postmodern Identity-Formation on Shanghai Television Consumption." (Joint Anthro/EAS)
-Nicole Buckley

"Trading Bases: An Analysis of Civilian Protest Against the Military Presence in Okinawa from 1995 to 2004."
-Philip K. Hafferty

"Information and Political Power: The Impact of Foreign Communications Technology in the Decline of the Late Qing and in the Modern People's Republic of China." (Joint EAS/History)
-Colin Kelly

"Nationalism for Sale: The Commodification of History and Collective Memory in China's Red Tourism."
-Mollie Margaret Kirk

"In Search of an Alternative: Negotiating Legitimacy in Reform Era China." (Joint EAS/Government)
-Jordan Lee

"The Search for China's Missing Women: Old Age Security and the Mitigating Effects of Rural Pension Programs." (Joint EAS/Economics)
-Steven Leung

"Empowered Equities: Shareholder Activism and Convergence in Japanese Corporate Governance."
-Wright Hunter McDonald

"Stable and Sustainable?  Exploring the Distortions behind the Sustained Growth of Shanghai's Real Estate Industry." (Joint EAS/Economics)           
-Nancy Xu


"Pihuang, Violins, and Infallible Heroes: Internal Contradictions in the Model Operas."
-Laurence Coderre

"The Search for Utopia and Self-Definition in Japanese Society: the Identity Crisis in Haruki Murakami' s A Wild Sheep Chase and the anime Naruto."
-Tiffany Lee

"Accelerating Development: Can Labor Market Dynamics in El Salvador be Improved through Selectively Adopting the Japanese Lifetime Employment Model?"
-José Francisco Martínez

"Constructing Identity: A Study of International Adoptees and their Place in Korean Society." (N/A)
-Stephanie Lee

"Provincial Government and Regional Identity in China: The Case of the Chongqing."
-Cody Swyer

"Seizing the Future and Shunning the Dead: Funeral Reform in Rural Wenzhou." - Hoopes Prize Winner
-Abraham Moses Zamcheck


"20/20 Hindsight: A look at the US response to the South Korean Nuclear Program" (N/A)
-Haewan Bae

"Real Estate and Stratification in Contemporary Urban China."
-Michael Bordonaro

"Guanbi Minfan: Taishicun and Organized Resistance in the Chinese Countryside."
-Christopher Badi Houghland

"History, Ethnicity, and Place in a small town in western China."
-Zhenzhen Lu

"Separate Bridges: Cultural Memory and Personal Trauma in the Works of Liang Xiaosheng and Yang Jiang."
-Charles Edward Maule

"FDI and Economic Diplomacy: The Prioritization of Economic Interests in Relations with China."
-Sean Tao Tom

"Short Term Loan (Poetry)."
-Yalun Tu

"Kami Overseas: Shinto in Hawaii, 1898-2005."
-Julia Elizabeth Twarog

"Hong Kong Disease: Entrenched Family Capital Control and its Effect on Corporate Growth."
-David Wilson


"Redefining the Beneficiary of Mao's Cultural Revolution: The Rise and Fall of Ji Dengkui."
-Jessica Ji

"Everything You Wanted to Know about Baomu: Maids and Modern Migration in Shanghai."
-Jennie Johnson

"State of South Korean Sovereignty during the Korean War Armistice Negotiation (1951-1953)."
-HeeJin Lee

"Examining Recent Changes in North Korean Education, 1980-2003: An Analysis of World History and English Textbooks."
-Ho Min Lee

"The Revolutionary Hero and the External World: Cultural and Cross-Cultural Crises in Andre Marlaux and Ba Jin." (N/A)
-Jia Jia Liu

"Blood and Sand: The Frontier Poetry of Cen Shen."
-Thomas P. Lowe

"Not Exactly Shosetsu: Haruki Murakami's Dead Heat on a Merry-go-round."
-Daniel Robert Morales

"Minzu Opportunity: Ethnic Identity and the Shape of Development in Yuan Nan Province, P.R.C."
-Samuel Benjamin Smolley

"Harnessing the Lancang-Mekong River: Chinese Dam Development and the Downstream Social Consequences."
-Nalina Sombuntham

"Innateness and Spontaneity in Xunzi."
-Stephen Clifford Walker


"Media Space: The Constructed Experience of International Pop Music in Contemporary China." (N/A)
-Bill Adams

"Corporate Philanthropy and Social Capital in China: A Case Study of Guanxi and SARS." (N/A)
-Helen Chou 

"The Poet as Outsider: Self Representation and Transmission in Du Fu's Poetry."
-Rebecca Doran

"The Arduous Struggle for Liberation: Historical and Sociological Perspectives on Chinese Women's Literature of the 1980's."
-Julie Elizabeth Hackenbracht

"From a Social Economist's Perspective: Happiness in East Asia." (N/A)
-Amy Hunh

"Japan's Convoy System: Demise or Resurrection."
-Joyce Kwok

"Qigong, Heterodoxy and Human Rights: Examining Different Perceptions of Falun Gong and its Political Controversy in Contemporary China." (N/A)
-Kent Lam

"Securing Stability: Migrant Workers and the Fragmentation of the Labor Interest in Contemporary China."
-Emma Nothmann

"Owning a Share of Press Freedom: How and Why Political Restrictions and Media Conglomerates are Threatening Freedom of the Press in Hong Kong." (N/A)
-Amit Paley

"Society and Sacred Will: The Construction of Agency in American and Japanese Religion and Social Structure."
-Joshua David Savage

"The Secret Whispering of Walls: Village Spatial Formation in Southeastern China."
-Nick Smith

"Notes from the Khabarovsk Market: An Ethnographic Study of the Chinese Trading Minority in the Russian Far East."
-Joshua Stenberg

"Sacred Space and Marketplace: Constructing Tibetan Identity in Nepal."
-Claudine Stutchell

"Rainy Day Driving Fees and Washing Machine Wars: Market Segmentation for Industrial Goods in Post-Mao China." (N/A)
-Odette Yousef


"Economic Assimilation of Rural Migrants in Shanghai." (N/A)


"Unwilling to Commit: Factors Contributing to Peace in the Taiwan Strait."
-Marcus Aden

"Out of the Ashes: Examining Japanese Children's Literature on the Atomic Bombings."
-Stephen Brumbaugh

"Master Yinshun and Pure Land Buddhism."
-Daniel Eng

"Facilitating Democratization in China: The Role of U.S. NGOs in Developing Village Elections."
-Grace Fu

"Ordinary Heroism: Individual Identity in the Films of Ann Hui."
-Tug Goddard

"The Role of Language in China's Minority Education: A Study of the Xishuangbanna Dai and the Yanbian Koreans."
-Loren Heinold

"Measuring the Returns to Education: An Empirical Study of the Cultural Revolution."
-Jenny Huang

"Conversions in China: Religious and Cultural Adjustment in the Jesuit and Mormon Missionary Institutions."
-Melissa Inouye

"Holy Whores: Women and Sexuality in Chinese Buddhist Literature."
-Helen Istvan

"Depictions of Children in PRC Propaganda Posters."
-Kate McFarlin

"Marking Boundaries: Ordered Space and Environmental Image in Tibetan Culture."
-Christopher Parlato

"The 1979 Foreign Joint Venture Law and the Future of China." (N/A)
-Matthew Pereira

"Out of Many, One: Teresa Teng's Performance of 'Heri jun zailai?' and its Expression of Hybrid Identity in 1970s Taiwan." (N/A)
-Meredith Schweig

"The Political Economy of the Ming Dynasty -- An Assessment of Two Interest Groups and Their Roles in Economic Policymaking."
-Eva Shi

"Pitch-accent at the Utterance-level in Tokyo and Kansai Japanese." (N/A)
-Benjamin Tobacman


"On Relative Politeness in Japanese: An Analysis of the Use of Honorifics by Natives of the Kansai Region."
-Nicholas Topjian

"Looking Back: The Role of Nostalgia in Lou Ye's Suzhou He." (N/A)
-Julie Wecsler


"Chen Yi and the Revival of the Hundred Flowers Campaign, 1961-1963."
-Kristen A. Hiestand

"My Two Encounters with the Korea of the Japanese Occupation Era: From Sentimentalism to Scholarly Inquiry."
-Jihwan Kim

"Institutional Answers to Cultural Questions: The Wuzhou Dispensary and Business History."
-Christopher R. Leighton

"Behind the Curtain: Classical Japanese Dance and the Iemoto Seido."
-Kathy Lu

"'Almost Human': The Ethics and Erotics of the African-American Other in Japanese Discourse."
-Naila Bayo Mariko McKenzie

"Soviet-Japanese Conflict at the Khalkhin-Gol River (Nomonhan Incident), May-September 1939."
-Timur A. Mukminov

"Going Home: Two Japanese Writers and Their Search for Identity."
-Erik Bertil Sandegard

"The Poet's Place: The Search for Identity in the Works of Xi Chuan and Yu Jian."
-Jillian Shulman

"Disciplining Japanese Children."
-Carli Spina


"Creating the Corporate Family: Orientation Practices in Japanese Firms."
-Sven Alexis Carlsson

"Western Masks, Eastern Souls: The Dynamic Environment Confronting the Korean Women's Movement in the 1920s."
-Young Man Cho

"Offence-Defense Face-Off: A Theoretical Framework for Explaining and Projecting China's Strategic Responses to U.S. National Missile Defense."
-Jeremy Gaw

"A Tale of Two Universities: How Chinese University Students View American Foreign Policy."
-Alexis M. Grove

"The Golden Tiger of Kai: The Managerial and Economic Politics of a 16th Century Japanese Warlord."
-Jeffrey Yoshio Kurashige

"Chinese Americans on the Internet: Local Identity on a Global Network."
-Dawn Lee

"Palimpsests of Private Life: Memories and Artifacts From Shanghai Homes."
-Jie Li

"'Descendants of the Dragon': Chinese Americans at a Musical Crossroads."
-Peggy Lim

"From Self-Assured Crusaders to Circumspect Volunteers: The Politics of Protestant Medical Missions to China in the Republican and Post-Mao Eras."
-Jason Richard Mann

"Going Ape: 'A Bathing Ape' Street-Wear and the Culture of Fashion for Japanese Youth in the 1990s."
-W. David Marx

"Ownership and Performance in Chinese Enterprises: Not a Case of Simple Reform."
-Alexi Solit


"The Japanese Corporate Governance System and the Impact of Financial Deregulation: An Empirical Study of the Period of 1981-1994."
-Ryan Patrick Bayley

"Storming the Japanese Citadel: Nasdaq Japan and the Birth of Stock Exchange Competition."
-Jordan Eric Cohen

"Regaining a Place in the Sun: The Transformation of Chocolate in China."
-Esther L. Healer

"Voices of Consciousness and Power: An Analysis of Xi Peilan and Nushu Literature."
-Hui Kuok

"The Rhythmic Journey: Early Films of Hou Hsiao-hsien: An Analysis of Summer at Grandpa's and Boys from Fengkuei."
-Sung Hee Moon

"Teaching Society in the Classroom: A Study of Early-Childhood Education in China and Japan."
-Dasa Pejchar

"Corruption and Economic Growth in the People's Republic of China: An Empirical Study Using Anti-Corruption Purges as a Proxy for Lowered Corruption."
-Tien-chen Timothy Wang

"Bureaucracy and Economic Reform: The Changing Face of Corruption in Mainland China."
-Ana R. Yang


"A Critical Reading of the Works of Hori Tatsuo."
-Sean Jeffrey Hennessey


"Brotherhood of the Four Seas: An Historical Analysis of New York City's Chiense Criminal Organization."
-Clarence Eric Mah


"From Peaceful Coexistence to People's War: The Shift from Moderation to Radicalism in China's Third World Policy 1955-1965."
-Wai-yin Leung


"Distorted Blossoms and Lucid Weeds: Reflections of Chinese and Others in Jinhua yua."
-Rania Huntington

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