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School days are best days of life

School days are the only days when we can enjoy, laugh and play. After a child reaches college, the child is no more called as a kid. Pressure builds up and never has time to think about leisure and recreation when grows up gradually. Thus, a child must enjoy his life before growing up and never miss out opportunities to hang out with friends. School days provide sweet and pleasant memories, which will bring a smile after a decade on the same face.

A child is innocent during his school days. Never he thinks about future plans and money saving which, most of them think about after growing up. They only think about enjoyment during school days, which is the best remedy for stress killers. The laugh the whole day and clear their doubts with their arousing curiosity.

School life can never come back and are indeed best days of life. Too much of pressure on studies must not be given during these silver moments. A child remembers his school, teachers and especially his friends whenever he thinks about becoming a child back. It is the best gem of human life.

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